Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Random Stuff With Random Pictures

I took a trip downtown this morning. It was pleasantly productive. Except for one thing. Did not get ONE thing on my list. Not enough time. Shops are open 9ish until prayer. Prayer screws everything up. And, oh, by the way, if it is so important to pray at 11:23, then why weren't you praying? If I can get the new pictures posted - two of 'em - then you'll see what I mean. I'm having enough problems with this computer. But, somehow I can get to some "random" pictures. In no particular order, and taken during various trips, and at various times.

Life in the Sandbox.

Remember the painted sheep [goats?] from my post around Eid, that I couldn't get uploaded? Here they are [well, here are a few of them, anyway]:

Sheep butt, anyone? You think PETA would have a problem with these animals if they were in the States? You bet your sweet bippy they would. However, here, in the Sandbox, they are not allowed to pursue their far left-wing agenda so they could give a crap.

Look real hard, here. That "fuzz" sticking up out of the back of the truck? A sheep / goat? Dinner.

Oh, and that ball The Baby swallowed? The ball that she swallowed that caused us to race to the vet for her to have emergency surgery? The $1,000.00 ball. Actually it cost more than that. More even than more than that if you figure in the cost of all the toys I immediately took out to the curb for trash -- figure into that cost the amount I have paid just to get the toys over here! The ball - next to a pack of my old habit [for size reference]. She swallowed it. Whole. The vet returned it to us in a brown paper bag. Note that the ball is yellow. The "dark" color? Blood.

Awwww. Why did you have The Baby leashed to the oven? Because after she had her emergency surgery and had three layers of stitches, she was not allowed to jump on the bed or the couch or anything else, and I needed to keep her in my sight at all times if I didn't have her little hood on her. This way, hooking her to the oven with her leash, I could have her in my sight and still do dishes or cook... Pretty clever, huh? If you look very, very closely at her "tummy" you can see that it is shaved. The Baby was NOT happy with any of this. Poor little thing.

A new walkover. How many deaths have been saved [or created!] by having this new walkover?

Classic parking job. Right in the middle of the street. Yep. You go ahead and park right there. No need to find a spot, elsewhere. That you are going to create a traffic problem in just a few minutes? Not your problem, pal.

A trip downtown would not be complete without someone trying to crash into us - cut us off - because he is in so much more of a hurry to get to the next red light... See at the far end - those cement barriers? DH said if we had the old Land Rover we would have played "chicken" with this assh0le. As it was, DH wouldn't even let me give him the little birdy wave. Phukktard! Notice the "crumple" on the left rear fender, there. This phukktard has played "chicken" before.

Oh, and who can forget the Fire Extinguisher store? A store that sells nothing else but fire extinguishers! Amazing. Thank you Mr. Nice Saudi Man who gave me explicit directions that day at the Customer Care Center!!!

Classic. A "No Smoking" sign at a fire extinguisher store [taken from inside the store - so that you see the sign on your way OUT!].

I really messed up this picture. It is DH. He is motioning for me to stay back - there is a car coming - as if I would just walk out into traffic without looking both ways if he was not with me. Yeah. Well, I might. I meant to "save as" and instead clicked on "save." He will remain faceless in this picture, forever. Hey. At least I know how to delete his face from pictures to post here from now on. Interesting. Learn something new every day. [The "Fire Extinguisher" store.]

There are a LOT of stray cats downtown. It is very, very sad. I actually thought these two were going to go at it, but they didn't. Fluffy went one way, Blackie went another.

There is nothing clean about downtown. On the bright side, this way the cats have something to eat. Provided they like french fries and old produce.

A lighting store. I did not do this store justice with these pictures.

Let me just say that you would have to have QUITE the entry way or QUITE the dining room for this chandelier!

Harley Davidson of Saudi Arabia! A very, very cool store. [Where isn't Harley Davidson cool?] We bought t-shirts. We don't even have a Harley Davidson. We don't have a motorcycle. Period. Not even a scooter...

And finally, a beggar... Man? Or woman? You be the judge. [Perhaps if we didn't have to drive so fast just to keep up with traffic, I could have taken some better photos.]

DH and I both think this was a man. The black figure was relatively large and lumbering. Not a "female" walk. And feet. Big. In sandals and socks.

More tomorrow with my trip from today, provided I can get the computer to cooperate with me and let me upload the pictures and post them. Variables. A lot of variables, there.


  1. Thanks for the pictures and look into the Sandbox.

  2. That could almost be any city anywhere. Lots of English signs. Looks like a black ghost in the last picture, Casper gone bad, ha.

    Right Truth

  3. So when do you get to leave that shithole?

  4. The fire extinguisher store fascinates me.
    And if I had to live there, I would cut off my head with a chainsaw... twice. You are much more resilient/ brave/ handy with a camera than I am.


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