Sunday, December 28, 2008

Brilliant Idea

Absolutely brilliant. ...but just how do you propose to "prevent" the couple, one of which - or both - carry the AIDS virus, from having children? Forced sterilization?

I am not a medical professional. I don't even play one on a blog. But isn't AIDS an illness for which there is no cure, yet? I could be all wrong on my very limited knowledge of AIDS and someone feel free to correct me if I am...


  1. Huh. Maybe part of the process will require sterilization? Who knows. I don't see how it matters, because isn't the leading way to spread HIV through sexual contact, followed by drug use, with passing it on to your children at the bottom of the list? I mean, unless both partners have HIV it just seems like a really horrible idea.

    There has been progress on the AIDS cure front (teeny, tiny progress): it was already known that some people carry an immunity/resistance to HIV/AIDS, and this knowledge was taken a step further and coupled with bone marrow transplants, and apparently cured a patient of AIDS.

    Sidenote: the book "In the Wake of the Plague" by Norman Cantor talks about the immunity. If I'm remembering the book correctly, people who are descended from Plague survivors have it. Don't quote me though, I haven't read it in a while.

  2. Population control, Angela. It can be achieved here one way or another...


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