Saturday, December 27, 2008

Two More Beheadings

The total for the year, so far, is 100. Two Saudi men were beheaded yesterday after being convicted of raping a man. [No that is not a typographical error.] No. I do not make light of the criminal justice system, here, in The Sandbox. I believe that Saudi Arabia could teach the United States a few lessons insofar as how to deal with crime. How many murders were there in the United States in 2008? [I'm sure the statistics are out there somewhere.] How many in Chicago, alone? Justice is swift and efficient in this part of the world - for murder, for rape, for burglary - unlike in the States where criminals have all the rights and languish in jails and prisons for years and years and years at taxpayer expense.

Weasel Zippers had the story first. I "borrowed" it from him.


  1. rapists of males are punished.

    female rape victims are punished.

    personally, i believe in across-the-board eye for an eye justice. e.g.

    a rapist gets raped with a phallus of the exact same size ratio as he forced on his victim.

    a murderer undergoes the exact same scene and abuse and method of death.

    a robber suffers the same loss of property as those he robbed.

    only THEN does prison await.

    PLUS no segregated population.


  2. "rapists of males are punished.
    female rape victims are punished." Good point, ShyAsrai, and one I didn't give any thought to when I posted this.

    You have the right idea with eye for an eye justice, but shouldn't we punish the wrong-doer's just a little more than the punishment they doled out to their victims? Bigger phallus; long drawn out death for murders; take double the property from the robber. THEN prison. I disagree with the "no segregated" population. For many, that would make jail a resort.

  3. i have to say i think that a criminal knowing they would be facing a pit of soulless viper without the protection of segregation would serve both as a deterrent AND a just environment. why should a pedophile enjoy protection?

    after all, good citizens don't get to segregate themselves from evil-doers.

    we are forced to live side by side with evil-doers and even without prior knowledge of their proclivities, because that would be 'discrimination'!


  4. In the USA we have approximately 16,000 homicides each year, 12,000 arrestes and 8000 convictions, and this includes various degrees of manslaughter and negligent homicides. As of this week i think i hear the USA has executed 83 people. We do not have a death penalty here, just a few symbolic human sacrifices. Well, they are not merely symbolic to the lucky one percent who get to be the center of attention on a metal table for a few moments.

  5. Perhaps I've been living in The Sandbox too long, ShyAsrai. When I think "segregated," I think "men on one side, women on the other." Didn't even occur to me that you meant not to "segregate" the pedophiles from the robbers or whatever. Yes. Totally agree with you! My mistake.

  6. So, of those 16,000 homicides, Vermindust, only 8000 are actually convicted for the crimes?!? That is just wrong.

    Too many rights for criminals. Way too many. Casey Anthony case is a perfect example. She's gonna get away with murder and her parents, who I believe knew/know exactly what is going on, have done nothing but hinder her being rightly prosecuted.

    The criminal justice system in the States needs a total revamping. They should start with "white collar crime." Perhaps we have a more honest government [but I wouldn't count on it].


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