Wednesday, December 17, 2008

More to this Story, No Doubt

I suspect there is a lot more to this story than what is being reported. I mean, come on. Really. No where in the world does someone pick a random house, knock on the door, and just start beating the occupant or home-owner with an iron rod for no good reason. Yeah. Well, maybe in Chicago. And even then, with "pay to play" politics and the ever-increasing crime statistics, it is not "random."

The fact that the victim was a Saudi female doctor may be part of the story. Did family members oppose her choice of professions as perhaps she was required to treat male patients as well as female patients? That would make family members guilty of a crime. Were there, perhaps, men in some position of authority, whatever it may be, that thought that this well-educated professional woman had over-stepped her boundaries in some manner who decided it might be a good idea to teach her a lesson of sorts? Either scenario, in and of itself, could be a reason and wouldn't surprise anyone, here. Although it is a bit odd that she answered the door at 9:05P in the evening, it is not all that incredulous.

We have had Showtime show up to collect payment as late as 10:05 at night [when they said they would be at our house "after eight o'clock, Madam"]. They were. And they were right. It was way "after eight o'clock!" That is the way business is done in The Sandbox. You do not get a monthly bill in your mail that you need to pay. Someone comes to your house to collect the money unless you are putting it on a credit card. You have the choice of purchasing satellite television in quarterly, bi-annual or annual increments. We made the mistake of putting it on our credit card, once. We were promptly "double-billed." Go ahead. Just try getting "their" mistake corrected when they double-bill you. Ha! You're in for some real fun, then!!! Better to pay the money in cash. After the one incident when they finally showed up to collect the money at 10:05P on a Sunday or Monday night, when they said they would be there at "after eight o'clock," [time means nothing in The Sandbox] I made it very clear the next time a payment was due that if they did not collect it at the specified time that they would have to come back. And, quite frankly, if DH wouldn't have been home - he happened to be upstairs when the doorbell rang that night - I wouldn't have answered the door. Nope. Would NOT have done it.

The difference though, is that we were expecting a man to come and collect the money for our Showtime subscription that particular night, and apparently the doctor wasn't expecting guests as she said she "was surprised." Perhaps she thought there was someone requiring emergency medical treatment or something. Who knows why she opened her door at nine o'clock? Where was her household help? What Saudi family doesn't have a maid that does this for them?!? Where was her husband? What self-respecting, professional, Saudi woman isn't married? [Never mind. Her husband, if she had one, may have other wives and perhaps it was his night to be with wife number two or three or four. I have no idea how a marriage in which a man has multiple wives actually works. Nor will I ever have first-hand knowledge of this.]

Nonetheless, there is more to the story than has been reported. It does not sound as though the woman's injuries were life-threatening and perhaps we will learn the "rest of the story" at some later reporting as to why three men were "fiercely" ringing her doorbell at 9:05P on Monday night and then covered her eyes and began beating her with an iron rod when she answered and opened her door. I am glad that she was only injured - the outcome of this could have been much, much worse - and that one of her neighbors heard her screams and rushed to help her. In the meantime, as a precaution to women everywhere, unless you are expecting guests at that time of night - do NOT open your door!


  1. I suspect that you are correct that there is more to this story as well. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if she looked out the peephole and saw her Uncle Hakim and cousins Abdul and Ali. They beat the crap out of her for being uppity and she got the message - ergo the "unidentified assailants".

    Something hinky is going on here, that's for sure.

    P.S. That's trippy how they collect your Showtime bill!

  2. If "the rest of the story" is published in one of our papers, I'll post it.

    The late collection for our Showtime payment was incredibly strange at the time. That business is conducted after 5 or 6P, here, and considered "normal business practice" still blows me away.

    When we moved into this house the company that did our mini blinds came to measure at 8P [that was the scheduled time], and then came a few days later to hang them at 9P [again, the scheduled time].


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