Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Is $7.64 too much?

Can someone do me a favor, please? The next time you go to the grocery store check out the price of Morning Star sausage patties. I am just curious what they cost.

I paid 28.50 riyals for a box of SIX little "veggie" sausage patties [8 ounces]. That comes out to $1.27 each. It just seems like a lot. Maybe that is what they cost in the States, too. I don't know. I won't stop buying them - I like them - and I don't eat meat - but I didn't realize how much I was paying for them until I opened a box to make for breakfast yesterday.

Morning Star makes the best veggie "hamburgers," and they cost 25 riyals [$6.70] for a box of four, which weighs 9 ounces. How much are they in the States?

My goodness. I'm paying more for non-meat that I am for meat. Well, with the exception of the rib roast I bought to make for Christmas Dinner.

Food is expensive, here. I know I tend to buy a lot of "American" products and we pay top dollar for them. That is what we have to pay and it is all part of the cost of living in The Sandbox. We just deal with it. There are many products, here, which cost a lot less than what they would cost in the States, though. A bag of bread - four big round slices of flat Arabic-style bread cost 3 riyals [.80] and that is four days of lunch, for me. I put some Italian salad dressing on the bread, sprinkle some Parmesan cheese on it and then put a half a bag of "salad" on it. Roll it up and yum! Milk is inexpensive, here. As is soda - Diet Coke and Diet 7-up are only $6.43 a case [why those "American" products are so inexpensive is beyond me - it is actually bottled over here, though, so it doesn't have to be shipped over]. I digress...

Anyway, the next time someone goes to the grocery store... If you could check out the price of Morning Star sausage patties and let me know, I'd appreciate it.


  1. In Central PA I recall paying $3.49 - $3.85 for them at a major chain grocer - don't feel bad though - a smaller health store I used to shop at (every day!) is selling similar products at $6.69 - $8.29 (The Healthy Grocer). I think it's fair to compare prices here to that of a specialty store in the states, if you consider the extra expense in shipping for said twisted logic anyway;o)

    I'd pay anything for some Hickory Smoked Tofurkey and Veganaisse...

    A staple in my refrigerator in the states was Earth Balance Buttery Spread and I was delighted to find it here, stocked regularly! My husband is not delighted about the $5.85 price a tub but that's only a dollar more than I paid for it in PA. (In the states I could actually do the grocery shopping by myself so he was clueless! Here - ughhhh, don't get me started!!!)

    I've always felt that the extra money is worth my conscience, and I'm just happy I can find these products here at all!!!

    By the way; long time reader, first time commenter. It's nice to meet you:o)

  2. Comments [most of them, anyway] are always welcome Lisa. I went to your place - you've not blogged in a while. I imagine with six kids you have your hands pretty full, though. I am curious why you can't take out the trash. I know. You said, "don't ask."

    Have never had "Hickory Smoked Tofurkey" and am thinking that might not be something I'd enjoy - I do not eat poultry and haven't for a decade. The taste alone is repulsive, to me. I am thankful though, that I can [occasionally] find Morning Star products, here, and like I said, I don't care what they cost and I do realize you are paying to get the products here and it is not a "short" journey. I'll check Tamimi for the butter you mentioned. We are having a very, very, very difficult time getting ANY butter - especially salted butter. Who knows why?!?

  3. I'm not the type of person who would stoop to insults and name-calling on someone else's blog (or my own for that matter!) so no worries there! :o) Good move on the comment moderation.

    My oldest three girls all live in the states with my parents (they prefer living in the US, go figure!) :o) - so it's just the three little ones. My lack of posting isn't from being too busy, unfortunately it's lack of content (life) and I usually go quiet when I'm not dealing well with living in the sandbox. I try to keep my blog positive since my family reads it and I don't want to worry them, and my poor husband takes the brunt of my mood swings.

    About taking out the garbage: a different set of rules applies when married to a Saudi, we live in an apartment building and all our neighbors are also Saudi - so if I were seen taking out the garbage oh my! what would the neighbors think??! [insert sarcasm]. I'd be the tramp of the building!

    If you ever get a chance, give the Hickory Smoked Tofurky a try - it's a sweet, subtle hickory flavor and doesn't taste real at all - if it did I couldn't stomach it either!

  4. Lisa - Trust me when I tell you that "we" all have our moments living in The Sandbox. It is why I go to the States every February for three weeks by myself. I can't take more than about six months, here, before I feel like I am going to go absolutely bat$hit bonkers! Unfortunately - this February I am not going home - and it looks like it will be well over the six month mark before I do. We shall see...

  5. Ok, so apparently, I'm the only one who sees massive cognitive dissonance (oooh, big words!) in the phrase 'veggie sausages'?

    I'm an unabashed omnivore, though I tend to contain myself to eating meat of the 'white' variety - chicken, turkey, pork and to fish - shrimp, salmon, tuna, tilapia for mainly health (and financial) reasons. I do understand why some people would have issues with eating meat for health and possibly moral issues but I've never understood the desire or need to eat non-meat food products disguised as meat. If you're going to abstain, why not just avoid the whole experience altogether?

    Incidentally, are you non-meat entirely - no animals or fish and do you also avoid animal related products - cheese, milk, eggs, etc?

  6. My DH doesn't quite get it, either, BBW. So, no, you are not alone.

    I've been sick - and I mean very, very sick - hospitalized on two separate occasions - from food poisoning after eating chicken. Quit eating ANYTHING with feathers over a decade ago. I rarely - RARELY - eat an egg - and then I have to cook it - has to have the white squiggly things taken off the yolk first [and whenever I cook with them I take the squiggly things off].

    The no meat thing is fairly new. About a year. Just do not like the idea of a "muscle" of an animal. No longer enjoy the taste - but more - can't take the "texture."

    I will eat an occasional - very crispy strip of real bacon. I've had two in the last six months. I eat some fish. I luv King Crab legs. I suspect the fish/seafood thing - still eating an animal - will at some point be too much for me and that will be it. I will always be a "dairy" eater, though. Milk - a gallon every two days [low fat, of course], cheese, yogurt, ice cream...

    Not one of those - no leather, no fur...

  7. I dunno about the price of those patties here, but can you freaking believe fresh turkeys were going for flipping RO78!?!?! That's .... $203!

  8. Oh my gosh, LO, no! I saw turkeys - still a few left over - in the commissary today. I'll check out the price here. $203. for a "flipping" turkey?!? No way!!! [Glad you're getting two FULL days a week off now, LO!]

    Sheesh. $203. for a "flipping" turkey. Still laughing. Not at you. With you! Oh. Wait. You're not laughing. Whoopsie...

  9. $4.99 online. I don't think they deliver to the Sandbox, however. That would proabaly raise the cost by a few thousand dollars. LOL

  10. We tend to overpay for the pleasure of having British food here in Canada, but it's worthwhile if it satisfies a craving and if its something that you enjoy.

    Happy New Year to you,

    Gill in Canada

  11. The sausages are not that expensive. Eight year old girls seem to run about $110 per pound in the sandbox.

  12. $4.99 sounds like a real deal, BNI, compared to $7.64. And it is incredibly expensive to ship anything over here.

  13. Happy New Year to you too, Gill! I hope you're feeling better.

  14. "Eight year old girls seem to run about $110 per pound..." Now THAT'S putting things in perspective, Vermindust!

  15. I bought them only yesterday in Pittsburgh, and they were 5.89$.

  16. So we pay about $2.00 more a box, then. Not too bad considering the journey they have to make to get here. Thanks for letting me know, Shalinis. Appreciate it!


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