Sunday, December 28, 2008

Traffic Woes

The closing of a tunnel in the Eastern Province for road work is causing all kinds of havoc. Was the tunnel closed without warning? No. But the crying and whining over this - is it really necessary? Buck up. Get your butt out of bed a little earlier and get to work early [yeah, right!] to avoid the mess. DH travels this route to work. Of course, since he goes to work at 4:15 in the morning traffic isn't really much of a problem for him - except for the idiots the other day who were out partying at 4:30 in the morning who got stuck in the sand and then used a truck to try to tow the stuck car out - and blocked the entire road - in the fog - just over the crest of a hill. [They almost got T-boned by a Suburban that was doing 120 kilometers an hour. And who do you think would have been at fault? The idiots blocking the road - sideways - or DH's driver???]

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