Sunday, December 28, 2008

Take Away the Fun and Job Prospects

Is it not enough that there are limited "women only" parks and shopping centers and places where women, here, can go to avoid the appearance of improper behavior? And now, one of those few places has been shut down. Sixty women are without means to provide for their families. Their job prospects are limited, at best. We know they are not going to become cleaners as that would be "demeaning."

Obesity is on the rise - the world over. With obesity comes a slew of other health problems and concerns. Isn't having an all-women health and sports club a positive way to combat that? And, now, that's been closed.

The message that is being sent is that women should just stay home and sit on their couches and watch soap operas and eat bon-bons. Look at the bright side. Those abeyas are long and loose and flowing. No one will ever know if you've gained weight.

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