Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Intentional Insult

The incident involving President Bush having a pair of shoes thrown at him is deplorable. I, personally, have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever for Iraqi journalist Muntader al-Zeidi who, according to his brother, is whining about having received a beating for his despicable behavior. Good grief. What did you expect? That you - the shoe thrower - would simply walk out of such a situation with not so much as a verbal admonishment?!? Supposedly, again, according to his brother - probably a reliable source albeit biased - Muntader Al-Zeidi "hands and ribs are fractured and he has eye and leg injuries." No. You don't say! You unfortunate soul [pun intended], you. Not.

What he did - throw a pair of shoes - at President Bush, who, handled the situation with his usual graceful aplomb, is unacceptable behavior. Unacceptable behavior toward any country's leader! Oh, sure. I know there are many who are applauding his actions and elevating the man to hero status but what he did was just plain wrong. I am glad that there are many, even here in the Middle East, who agree with me.

A book I purchased, "Very Simple Arabic Incorporating Simple Etiquette in Arabia," probably the first or seco
nd week I arrived in The Sandbox, says, on page 85:

So, okay, then. The journalist [and I use that term in the loosest possible sense], apparently decided that, in his own small mind, President Bush was deserving of such "insult" by throwing his shoes and that his actions would depict and insinuate same. Heh, heh. Where'd it get him?!? Looks to me at a minimum he will be in jail for seven years, and perhaps fifteen. Right now the man's sister, Hana [pictured below*], said "her family did not know about Muntader's whereabouts and fear for his life, afraid that he would be handed over to the Americans."

Yeah. Not to worry. The Americans don't want him, and believe me, justice will be served much, much more effectively and a whole lot more swiftly on this side of the world than it ever would be in America!

*Thanks to Debbie Schlussel for the picture.


  1. Just a thought. Maybe she should check Gitmo for her deranged bro. I'd like to see him in line for some rough prison justice, myself.

    (P.S. Looks like that guy next to her is going to stuff that piece of falafel, or whatever it is, in Sis's mouth. Since she's cranking up her ululation machine, maybe he should.)

  2. Gitmo doesn't hold a candle to the way prisoners are treated... Just ask William Sampson [Google him].

  3. I read the story at DS's site and I believe you posted the wrong pic of the sister. This woman (in Gaza) was the one celebrating after the Twin Towers fell in NYC on 9/11.

  4. Janice - That I got something wrong wouldn't be a huge surprise. Is the other one that is shown on DS's site, then, the sister? I'll change it, if she is - or delete her entirely. Thanks for letting me know. Appreciate it!

  5. No worries Sabra. Yes, the other woman is the shoe-throwers sister.

  6. There. All fixed. Thanks, again, Janice.


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