Friday, December 19, 2008

Hot and Sunny

One of the things that I truly have never complained about is the heat in this part of the world. I like hot and sunny every day. I want to sit by the pool. I am a "professional tanner." Yeah. Not lately!

It is hot in the summer, here in The Sandbox. We can expect temperatures of between 110° and 125° every single day of June, July, August and September. Yes, I do very much feel sorry for the workers who are forced to endure that kind of heat as they toil under the sun in the land of no shade as I sit either next to or float in my pool. But this is just crazy! Right now, outside, it "feels like 35°!" What the ?!?! And, I am feeling just as sorry for the workers who are trying to stay warm as they toil in the freezing cold, at this point... They are all bundled up. Who could blame them?

The Boy [our Great Dane], like his Mommy, enjoys the heat. He has a "blonde" coat - very short "fur." The poor little guy is actually shivering by the time he comes inside after he's been out to do business. Yes. Of course I have a coat for him. I got it out of the closet last night, and I will put it on him each time he has to go out from now on, until it warms up to at least 80°. I will use the "rule of thumb" that if I need a sweatshirt [or two!] then he needs his coat.

Today I am going to get my sewing machine out. I will be making fleece pajamas for both Kids. It is just a little skewed, as far as I am concerned, that we are in a Country that is supposed to be hot most of the time - and at least warm - during the winter months. My goodness, if we had any precipitation, I am more than sure that we could expect snow!


  1. Well I am not sorry for you about the weather, here snowed all day and has not stopped yet..and we are -12C! but better in a cold country than.... well in Hades.

  2. Glad I wasn't looking for any sympathy for this post, Anonymous! Occasionally I miss the "prettiness" of the snow. I do not miss shoveling. [Lived in New Hampshire for many, many years - and shoveled a LOT of snow! Endured the frigid cold, as well...]

    There is a slide show on MSN of a house in Wyoming that actually gave me a quick "pang" of, "I miss snow." The link is here. I quickly pushed the "pang," away and came to my senses, though.

  3. Considering the inch of snow that hit New Orleans and the flurry that briefly hit Malibu (Malibu!) and the Los Vegas storm i am suprized that you do not have snow in the sandbox. Give me another month to tinker with my HAARP weather control device and i will see what i can do. Meanwhile: cocoa with marshmallows.

  4. Did you not read the post where I said I left my fur coat in the States, Vermindust? 'S okay by me if we don't have snow here. In fact, if it would warm up just a few degrees I'd be very appreciative. Oh, and if you can't warm things up with your HAARP weather control device, do me a favor and send some Southern Comfort or Peppermint Schnapps. Please? Pretty please???


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