Monday, December 29, 2008

Which ones are dishonorable?

Perhaps you would care to elaborate. Enlighten us. "There are no mean or superior jobs. Rather there are honorable and dishonorable ones." The Minister of Labor, Ghazi Al-Gosaibi, has made some very valid points but the article is short and doesn't answer the question, "Which jobs are dishonorable?" That is open to interpretation. The "oldest profession" probably wouldn't be considered an "honorable" job, here, in The Sandbox. Apparently cleaning isn't an honorable profession, either. Conversely, being the head of some authoritative body would likely be considered "honorable," but what about when that official gets caught doing something wrong. He is no longer honorable - but the position is. Ramble, ramble, ramble and make no sense...

The Labor Minister says "...fight against labor injustice and harm to protect both citizens and expatriate workers and to prevent any comment tainting the reputation of the Kingdom." How about starting with paying ALL of the laborers on a timely basis and punishing the employers that do not? That would be a good start. "The public attitude to foreign labor in the Kingdom has been blurred by racism and arrogance." Who is to blame for that?!? "In the past, we looked up to foreigners with respect in our country, but now it seems to have changed... Foreigners are looked at as wealth grabbers, social corruptors [sic] and potential criminals." Yes. There are certainly some "wealth grabbers." That would be the reason many expatriates come here to work. But we are hardly all "social corruptors [sic] and potential criminals."

"Unfortunately, we have been overwhelmed by arrogance and have begun to think we are better than those workers who have come to be our development partners..." Understatement, that! "Imagine that housemaid who has abandoned her family and children to come here. Imagine that worker who has put all his family's savings or house in collateral to come here. We should not forget such sacrifices made by those who have come to serve us after it had been for a long time our job to serve ourselves." Well said. And, frankly, about time someone said it! Thank you, Mr. Al-Gosaibi.

But I still want someone to explain to me what "mean" and "superior" jobs are versus "honorable and dishonorable" jobs... Besides the obvious, that is.

UPDATED: Is driving a bus a "mean" and / or "dishonorable" position? Wouldn't it be a worthy effort to make sure that those who are hired to do the jobs, here, that others either do not want or refuse to do, get paid on a timely basis [see above]? Why must there be report after report after report in the daily newspapers of workers going unpaid, or worse, being mistreated and NOT even being allowed to go home when their contracts either specify they can or when their contracts end, and being blamed for wrongdoings that never happened?!?

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