Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Date Night

Looks like eventually "date night" in The Sandbox will include being able to go to dinner AND a movie. Maybe. Kind of. The article doesn't say whether the single men were segregated from the families [men, women and children]. The article does include a statement that says, "'We enjoyed the movie as there was entertainment with an important message,' said one man who brought his wife and children to see the movie." Jeddah tends to be a bit more metropolitan than other parts of this country - perhaps there was no segregation of the sexes;I wouldn't stake any money on that, though. What is the saying? "A picture is worth 1000 words." The picture says it all then; I don't see a single woman or child in the photo that accompanies the article.

Date night. Dinner and a movie. Yep. The man goes to his respective entrance at the restaurant and sits alone; the woman goes to her respective entrance and sits alone. Ditto for the movie theater.

On a positive note it is a sign that The Sandbox is moving forward with the times and out of the seventh century - making great strides inching along. Maybe someday women will be able to drive here... Not holding my breath.


  1. so what you're saying you can't go to a regular restaurant and sit together as a family in Saudi? That is so stupid.


  2. Oh, no, not at all Gill. If you are a "family" the man, wife - or wives - and children may all dine together. But if you are NOT married you are considered "single," and you'd best not be caught together dining or riding in a car or doing anything else.

  3. Things are just different in this Country, Anonymous. And that is just the way it is...

  4. I don't think I'd do well over there in the sandbox, Miss Sabra.

  5. To be honest, DL, I didn't think I'd do very well, here, either. But six years later, we remain...


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