Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Madinah sex den raided..."

And, a headline that you just couldn't make up... "Madinah sex den raided, suspect arrested in act." Along with news that you just can't make up. It is comical. Really, it just is.

"The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice arrested an Arab expatriate on charges of having illegal relations with a young girl in a mobile shop... Officials did not mention the girl's age but reported that she had left her 'school bag' on a table not far from where she and the man - also of unreported age - were found engaging in sexual relations."

"The commission said that the shop run by the man was under observation following several complaints from local residents that they suspected the shop was a front for immoral activities... On Sunday, commission members entered the shop a little after a girl student went inside. The members could not see anyone inside though they saw the school bag. On closer examination they discovered a hidden doorway that led to a bedroom where the man and the girl were discovered... it found evidence the man was recording his sex encounters and possibly using the digital images for blackmail..."

Somebody is in a heap of trouble... That kind of thing just doesn't go over well, here. "...the commission members handed over the suspect to police for further investigation." Expect a confession - any confession - to any crime - in the short term.

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