Monday, December 29, 2008

We do NOT like peas; we will NOT eat peas!

How many times must I be "told" shown that no matter what I do to disguise peas, short of putting them in the food processor and hiding them in salmon, that my Kids are NOT going to eat them!?!

Okay. I get it. I really do. This time. Finally... No more peas!!! I promise. Unless of course I "sneak" them in with broiled salmon. Oh, and by the way, Kids, no treats tonight. You didn't eat your peas...


  1. I've never been able to get a dog to eat peas. Black-eyes peas, yes. But never green peas.

  2. mash the peas then mix them with the gravy/fat/meat. Eaten before they notice they are there ! you win and the kids get their vegies/vitamines

  3. Mine do the same thing! Except they've found a way to pick them up and spit them out next to their food bowls.

  4. I am not going to stop giving them peas. I have a couple of recipes that I make for them [yes, I make much of their food] which call for peas and I do mash them.

    I should have mashed them with a fork before I put them in their bowls with roast beef, potatoes and gravy. The peas were covered with gravy - but as you can see in the green bowl [The Boy's] that gravy was licked off and the peas were left. Clean!

  5. Going to consider myself lucky, Anonymous, that I don't have to pick the peas up off the floor, then. Too funny!

  6. Sabra, it's actually seeing the pea come plopping out of their mouth that cracks me up. Um, maybe I'm giving them peas for MY enjoyment.

    By the way, we're in Long Beach, California!

  7. You are not the first to use peas for enjoyment from your four-legged Kid, Anonymous! Michele left a comment in my earlier post/picture of the peas, "I had a poodle who would pick the peas out and make a little pile by her bowl. Of course we fed her soup with peas very often just to watch her do this."

    I find it amazing that the Kids - especially The Boy - with his BIG Great Dane mouth - can lick gravy off the peas and eat mashed potatoes around them - and NOT even so much as break one of the peas!

    Perhaps I am as "bad" as you and Michele in getting some enjoyment out of playing with peas...

    We have quite a bit of family in the San Diego area, Anonymous. We will head that direction this summer for a week.


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