Monday, December 22, 2008

Internet Woes

We were without internet for a period earlier this week. And it is still not all fixed. It is sporadic, at best. On, then off. I know that it is all part of fixing the problem and that we can expect "spotty" service until the damage is repaired. Funny, how, years ago, when AOL offered "dial-up" service we thought, "Wow. Isn't this great!" Now, though, with DSL or whatever service it is that we have, that is not "dial-up" and with being so used to instant access, that I am waiting and waiting and waiting for a page to load is incredibly frustrating. Really. I have time to throw a load of laundry in the washer or switch it to the dryer while I wait for a site to come up with whatever routing or system we are now on. I'm not blaming whoever it is that is fixing the problem. They are, no doubt, doing what they can and the best that they can to get it taken care of.

Belmont Club has a most excellent article about our dilemma, here. Yesterday's papers reported that we can expect difficulties and service outages for the rest of the month. Something to look forward to...

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