Sunday, December 28, 2008

You are NOT going to find "that" here!

My goodness. Does my blog have a big "P" attached to it with search engines that you think you are going to find p0rn0graphy or perversion, here? No. You are not. But I get a lot of "hits" for some pretty weird stuff. Lots of Google searches for "p0rn" which is the way to get around being "blocked" in The Sandbox and find all sorts of stuff. Type in "p o r n" and you won't find what you're looking for - but type it "p 0 r n" and it is amazing what will come up. But then, anything with "bathing suits or lingerie" is blocked - and sites that are the most innocent in the world - because one particular word is used - whatever that word may be - are blocked, as well.

I can assure you, however, that you a
re NOT going to find anything condoning in any way, shape or form, "child fornication," at my place. Oh, sure. You'll find "child fornication" stories, here, but they are just news reports of pedophiles old men marrying little six and eight and eleven year old girls. Perhaps that is what you were looking for:

You are not going to find much for "t i t s," here, either:

And, unfortunately I don't have any stories or pictures of "naked soccer" games and players. Although I do not disagree that it certainly would make the game of soccer a whole lot more interesting:

I've got a lot more - hits that I've saved of people looking for things they are NEVER going to find on this blog... So sorry to have disappointed y'all. NOT!


  1. I love reading the freaky things people
    Google to get to my blog. I want to tell them they'll have better results if they spelled better.
    I keep a list, and periodically post them. A few squick me out like 'Sex with my exchange student.'

  2. It is pretty amazing, Wry, what people unabashedly search for. This morning I got a "brutal rape," and a "marriage to underage girl." Of course, since I've done posts on both of those topic... I suspect, however, that what I've posted isn't quite what the "searchers" were looking for.


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