Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sentencing in Blackmail Case

And it sure doesn't appear as though any favoritism, at all, was involved. Interesting. Saudi authorities will arrest a Ministry official and sentence him to eleven months in prison - and 280 lashes - for blackmailing a woman, but steadfastly refuse to stop "locals" who violate traffic laws.

No, I am not disputing that blackmailing a woman is wrong. It is very wrong. But I do see this as a situation that could quite easily be manipulated and punish an awful lot of "innocent" men by putting them in jail for the actions of TWO people. What are you doing allowing yourself to be photographed by a man who isn't a relative, anyway? [Yeah. That's not quite how I meant for that to sound.] But, if it goes against every grain of your "culture" to be in the company of a man that is not related to you, how are so many men ending up with photographs of young women that they can "blackmail" them over? Are there some scorned women that are accusing men unjustly? It could happen...

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