Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nothing to see, here, folks. Move along...

Just a housemaid getting ready to jump from a fourth floor balcony to end her life because she just can't take the physical abuse from her sponsor [employer] anymore. That her body is covered in bruises is absolutely no proof whatsoever that any abuse took place. She probably dropped a bookcase on herself while she was dusting. Or something like that. The maid works for an 80-year-old woman and that woman's two 50-year-old and 35-year-old daughters. The women are being questioned by officers. Expect resolution of the matter, immediately, with no wrong-doing having been done by the old woman or her two old maid daughters.

And, by the way. You are 50 and 35 years old and still live at home with your mother? Why aren't you married?!? And why aren't you at least helping out in the household? [There's a 58-year-old man out there that is looking for more wives. You two are probably too old for his taste, though.]

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