Sunday, January 04, 2009

300 Traffic Violations

300! Just process that for a second. 300!!! And the man is still allowed on the roads. Incredible. Even if it did take him ten years to rack those violations up - that is still ten a year - almost one a month! And, yet, he is allowed to remain in possession of a driver's license. [If an ex-pat had just a mere portion of those tickets, he'd be sitting in jail.] Road carnage will continue, unabated, here for a long, long time. His fines were $12,064.34 [45,000 riyals]. No deterrent. The man, of course, is unidentified. Wouldn't want to be shaming or stigmatizing anyone now, would we?!? The assistant to the director of the Traffic Department, Col. Hanash Al-Shihri says this, "the citizen... had to pay the entire amount of the fines before he could renew his tags... There is no way any of the violations will be canceled." Not only was the man who racked up 300 violations and $12,064.34 in fines not identified, but the "nature of the violations" were not specified, either. Best line in the article: "Considering the driving culture in Saudi Arabia - which can resemble scenes from the 1979 post-apocalyptic car dueling thriller, 'Mad Max.'" Understatement. That.

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