Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nafeek Case Remains Unresolved

The poor unfortunate woman - who was little more than a "girl" when she rode a magic carpet to The Sandbox to be a housemaid and became an instant nanny for a family's nine or ten children - remains incarcerated. Her case has been dragging through what I [usually] refer to as a swift justice system for several years, now. I've posted about her situation here, here, and here.

Yesterday there was a court hearing and none of the witnesses bothered to show up. I have no idea how the "system" works, here, in that regard. Are notices sent out? Goodness I hope not. The postal system in this part of the world leaves much to be desired. Much. Do court officials or police officers serve subpoenas? No clue. Do not even know if they use "subpoenas" in this country. E-mail? Carrier pigeon? Probably text messaging; a widely used and acceptably recognized method of communicating, here.

I wasn't there - apparently no one was for Nafeek - so no one really knows what happened, except Nafeek, who signed a confession in a language she could neither read or understand. Some of the facts are quite clear, however. The recruiting agency forged her documents so that she could obtain employment as a housemaid in The Sandbox even though she was underage and it was illegal for her to come here when she did. The family that hired her, hired her to be a housemaid and turned her into a housemaid AND nanny for their horde of children.

Just the way this case continues to play out - and this pure speculation on my part - says that something else is happening. Someone has somebody fairly prominent and up there on the food chain for this matter to continue with no resolution in sight. Do I think that there are mitigating circumstances in this case that should absolve Nafeek of at least part of the alleged "wrongdoing?" Yes, I do. Do I think that there was actually a crime committed? No. I do not. I believe that the death of the baby was an unfortunate accident and could have just as easily have happened at the hands of the baby's mother - who, must have been shopping or chatting on her mobile - she was, obviously, too busy to be bothered feeding her own baby. Do I think that eventually ALL of the other RESPONSIBLE parties will be forced to accept their own actions in this matter? Not a chance of that happening. No way.


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