Sunday, January 11, 2009

Add "yoga" to the list...

...of fatwa's. Things not allowed. Oh, sure. Many take up yoga for "physical exercise and contemplation," but apparently the undertones of what further and serious study of yoga could possibly influence makes it bad. It is not allowed.


  1. I belief yoga can be channeled anywhere you want because it is a reflection of your inner thoughts.I'm no expert on yoga and never practiced it before , but I think if you one has a strong belief then contemplation will add it .
    I am always fascinated by God's creations, I think contemplating about it will add to my belief and not the contrary.In addition the exercises will relax me and I can perform in society better which any religion basically asks.

  2. goodness gracious me, what will they think of next!!

  3. I've never done any yoga, White Orchid, so I can't comment one way or another, but you won't get any disagreement from me that "contemplating... will add to... belief... In addition.. perform in society better..." Anything that allows one do to that would be of great benefit, I would think.

  4. That's a rhetorical, question, isn't it, Gill?


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