Thursday, January 01, 2009

You Can Kiss Your Life Savings Good-bye

There is a short little blurb in one of our papers, today, about a Nigerian woman who was arrested for trying to smuggle 100,000 riyals [$26,809.65]. Whether the money was hers or not, the article doesn't say. Was she a maid who had worked in The Sandbox for decades and was going home with her life savings? Perhaps. Maybe she'd worked here for twenty years and was lucky to have been employed with a family that actually paid her. There are few details in the article. Regardless, she was caught trying to leave without declaring the money and apparently if you have over 60,000 riyals in cash or jewelry you have to declare it before you leave The Sandbox so that you do not have to pay customs on it when you return. I had no idea... But then, I rarely travel with more than a few riyals on me - I carry plastic; I don't wear jewelry but for my wedding ring. Will the woman be allowed to continue on her journey - wherever she was headed - and will she be allowed to keep the money, if it was hers?

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