Thursday, January 29, 2009

By All Means, Don't Fact-Check First

Do you think someone could have done a little fact-checking prior to publishing an article in the paper about a maid having AIDS? Does she or doesn't she? Yesterday she had AIDS, today she does not.

Did a few [like, say 46?] men get nervous and scared? And, thus, to allay their fear a retraction was published? Is that why it is so important today to change the story? No matter. I think the maid, having been raped some 46 times, has suffered plenty without having to be cursed with AIDS, as well.


  1. I don't think I can express in words what I think when I read about a woman has been raped 46 times by men who are still walking free, under headlines jostling over whether she has AIDS.

  2. You would NOT be alone, Saint!

  3. My foolish optomism is suggesting that the AIDS statement might have been to coax some of the men to turn themselves in for testing. I doubt it's true but i am trying not to assume depraved indifference to civilized decency. Silly of me, yes?

  4. "Silly of me, yes?" Rhetorical question, Vermindust?

    What are the statistics of AIDS, I wonder. One out of _______. [I'm being serious - I have no idea what the number could be.] So, if she didn't have it before... Never mind.

  5. Did you read the comment left on the article:
    "it is big stain & stigma on the entire community we must strike with iron hand over that, I resented since our kinds & virtues have been buried we indeed need a religious revival"

    Yep I'm sure a RELIGIOUS REVIVAL will solve everything!!!!!


  6. I haven't been back to check the comments, Gill. Thanks for reminding me to do so.


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