Sunday, January 11, 2009

Common Sense - Complete Lack of It!

The title of this post could also be, "Job Security." With such a callous lack of common sense, the members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice will have plenty to do and thus provide them with years and eons of "job security."

A twenty-stupid-something year old woman managed to escape from a group of kidnappers. Come on, woman. What the heck were you doing that you got into a car with a man - who I think you probably knew - at night, anyway? Have you NO F'NG CLUE as to what happens in situations like this? Oh, sure. She's claiming she was kidnapped. I guess she could have been. My initial, gut-reaction, though, to this story is that she wasn't "kidnapped." I mean, come on... "The unnamed woman told commission members that she was kidnapped by a man who drove her to a place where his friends were camping." No. Just doesn't mesh. Then "the men [allegedly] tied her up and forced her to take some type of pills." If there was more than one man involved would they really have to tie her up? I don't think so. "She said the men drank alcohol and that some of them tried to rape her. She, however, escaped as they were very drunk." Um-hmm.

I'm calling BS on the whole story. A young woman - and in her 20's she is old enough to know better - was with a man and then when things - whatever "things" - started to escalate and she realized that what she was doing wasn't particularly "honorable," and she was probably late for her curfew or something - she makes up some cockamany story to cover her tracks. I'm guessing that there are some who will believe her, but I'm not one of them.

"Sheikh Abdul Rahman ibn Hamad Al-Diag, chairman of commission... warned women against riding alone with non-related men and called on parents not to allow their daughters to venture out alone at night." Gee. Ya think?

And, I think that my version of the story is much closer to the truth than the version in the newspaper.

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