Saturday, January 03, 2009

Unsafe Shampoo off the Shelves

So glad someone is looking out for us. Eight shampoos that contain "dioxine substances" that might cause cancer will no longer be on the shelves. Customs has been told to stop clearing them. [Has Customs also been told to stop clearing canned potatoes, Velveeta cheese, crab meat, Miracle Whip and English muffins? And, if so, why???]

What is "newsworthy" about the shampoo is the fact that there are virtually no guidelines, here, in The Sandbox, for so many things. Air quality control? What is that?!? No Environmental Protection Agency... And, yet, shampoos that contain a cancer-causing chemical are removed with haste and urgency.


  1. It's getting to the point that people are better off making their own meals instead of getting take out food. Better off making your own shampoo, soap, make up, etc than buying from the store. Sad to say, but true. With home made stuff, at least you KNOW what you put in it.

  2. No disagreement from me on that, CB. Poison dog food, tainted milk, toys covered in lead paint... Who even knows what is next!?!


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