Saturday, January 10, 2009

Ransom paid, ship released, pirates drown

Perfect. Call it karma. Call it whatever you want. The Sirius Star, an oil tanker, carrying some 250 gazillion gallons of oil from Saudi Arabia was hijacked in November. The pirates wanted some ridiculous amount of cash to release the ship and the ship's 25 crew members. The story has a happy ending though. The pirates were only able to collect $3,000,000 in ransom. That's not the happy part. This is: "...things went badly wrong for the pirates... they squabbled over how to split the money and than a wave washed off their getaway boat and drowned five of them." Pure schadenfreude! Bwahhh ha ha hah!!!

Read about this first at JammieWearingFool. Dinah Lord has it posted, as well.

Our two local newspapers, today, both have an article about the Sirius Star, but say nothing about the five pirates going for a swim with the fishes in the deep blue sea...


  1. Good news - they found another drowned pirate bringing the toll to 6 unlucky buccaneers.

    I sure hope that ransom money is swimming with the fishes.

  2. Darn it - forgot to thank you for the link love.


  3. this was just on our news on IT MUST BE TRUE!!!!!


  4. The newest news - and I don't have the link, right now - says that the pirates were drowned when they went to go to shore and other pirates wanted a share of the loot! They pirates who had the $$$ "turned too quickly" and they went overboard. There were guns involved as well. I should have saved the link to post here, but didn't. I'm sure it can easily be found on the internet...


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