Friday, January 30, 2009

This Didn't Take Long

Instead of being thankful that a pilot and his crew kept him alive, Joe Hart wants to sue U.S. Airways for the crash he was in that U.S. Airways had no control over. The guy got a bloody nose and a couple bruises. Oh. No! The plane hit some Canadian geese. Why not sue PETA for not allowing the geese to be killed; sue Canada for letting their geese fly to New York. Asshole. I wish I could find where I said - the day of the crash - that there would be lawsuits. Knew it wouldn't take long. And it didn't.


  1. Everyone always blames Canada....


  2. Umm. No, AIO. Everyone blames the U.S. [Up until the 20th of last month they did - for everything - from soggy Cornflakes to runny eggs!] Don't take my "sue Canada," personally. It was not intended to actually put blame where NO BLAME can be put...

  3. I was just coming to say the same as Angry, its bound to be Canada's fault..LOL

    By the way if it was up to me, I would have shot the geese, I find them annoying......just my opinion.

    Have to say you Americans are "sue happy" and will sue over any little thing......sorry!! (not saying your personally though, I know you wouldn't)


  4. Spot on Gill. American's are sue happy. Everyone wants something for nothing. No one wants to take responsibility for their own actions. The lawyers are to blame! Until tort reform happens on a magnificent scale [and it won't with our current leaders - who all need to be replaced - every single last one of them!], nothing will ever change.


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