Monday, January 05, 2009

Good to have aspirations...

When I grow up, I want to be an executioner. What kind of aspiration is that?!? What kind of person actually wakes up one day and decides that that is what he wants to be? An executioner! Difficult to even fathom. And, now, the man wants for his son to be an executioner due to his "disposition." What?!?

The article is here. It tells all about the man's life... His name is Zamil. Zamil turned a hobby of hunting birds into his "profession." Zamil has an elementary school education along with "sword training." Zamil, apparently has no problem performing his duties and will execute whoever he is assigned to execute - men, women - and says, "I fire bullets at the heart from the back of the criminal to make sure he or she dies quickly without prolonging the pain. I have executed two women..." The article says that, "While the traditional form of execution in the Kingdom is public beheading, other forms of capital punishment are permitted..." Death by hanging or by electric chairs is not permitted as they may prolong the agony and pain.

How many executioner's are there in The Sandbox? I have no idea. Zamil isn't the only one. There were 102 executions - beheadings - last year. We've only had two so far in 2009. Zamil says the job is only "part-time" and he still works at his "full-time" job. Zamil gets paid 4,000 riyals [$1,072.38] for each execution. Not bad for only a few minutes work.

I did a post shortly after I started this blog, "Heads Will Roll" that tells the story of Abdullah Sa'id Al-Bishi and how he inherited the job of being an executioner from his father.

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  1. all I could think of was are we in the Middle Ages when reading this???



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