Monday, January 12, 2009

Do I have any readers from Abu Dhabi?

DH and I want to plan a short getaway so that he can go somewhere and play golf. We can go to Bahrain any time we want - and from what I have recently heard, the new Riffa golf course is not as nice as the old Riffa golf course. So, Bahrain is out. We've been to Dubai. I could go there again. We want to go somewhere fairly close-by. Oman is a possibility. [AIO, can you help me out here? What's the golf like there?]

I'm thinking Abu Dhabi, though. Can anyone give me recommendations as to what the golf courses are like there? Will there be a lot of choice or limited choice? If DH is going to be playing golf all day - I want to be laying on the beach [we will go in April] reading, and drinking icey cold beverages that have little umbrellas and rum in them... Recommendations for that? What is the shopping like? Is an abeya required to be worn by Western women, or is Saudi Arabia the only country in the Middle East that requires us to don black before we leave the house?

Any assistance that Abu Dhabi visitors to this blog could provide to us would be most appreciated!!!


  1. i lived in Abu Dhabi for a while, but i don't play golf so can't help you on the golf courses.. However, the beaches are pretty nice.. i think the best one would be at the Rotana Beach Hotel.. At the hotel you also have Abu Dhabi mall.. Shopping is nice in AD, but not as gr8 as Dubai.. Abaya is not a must, but i'd recommend clothes till the knees, and shoulders covered so you don't get weird men harassing you.. At the beach however you can be in a bikini no problem..

    If you really want a beautiful beach then Oman is the place to go to.. Check out Shangri-La & Al Nahdha Resort both are really really amazing, way better than AD.. Oman also has a golf course, but again can't comment there sorry!

    Hope this helps / answers your questions..

    ps/ abaya is only a must in Iran & Saudi :)

  2. i forgot to add that in Oman you can completely forget about shopping.. however if you're interested in traditional stuff there's a great souq for that :)

  3. Naaaaah!! Dubai is soooo much better lol!!

    But seriously, I know bugger all about golf so can't help much there. There's a hotel near the airport whose name escapes me but is supposed to be very nice. Rotana is in town so beach not that great. Be careful with the Hiltons, one of them is dry, the other one is across the road from the beach but the restuarants there are pretty good.

    Of course there is always the Emirates Palace which is pretty amazing if a little (OK a lot) expensive!!

    AD has a few malls but not as good as Dubai.

    No abeyas needed in AD!! And alcohol is freely available in hotels and licenced clubs. R above is kind of right about coivering arms and legs but don't get hung up on it, just think about what you would feel comfortable and respectable wearing to go shopping at home (not Saudi home!!).

  4. Hi, I live in AD at the moment but my DH and I are moving to Saudi for his work sometime this year, sounds like somewhere close to where you live.

    Anyway, I heard that Abu Dhabi Golf Club where AD Championship is held at the moment is good. About 20 minutes from the airport. There are hotels close(ish) by - Al Raha Beach Hotel which has its own beach and Shangri-la which also has its private beach.

  5. THANK YOU ALL! I pulled up the Abu Dhabi Golf course to share with DH. Golf is the reason for our little break - DH is the one who works and needs the break - not me. Shopping? Uhh. Can live without it - or can enjoy it. Beach is a must. Oh, and yes, I am going to want to drink more than just water and Diet Coke. Have been told that if I am looking for beautiful beaches I need to go to Oman. We've been to Dubai - DH has been there several times. I wanted to go somewhere we've not been yet. Decision has not been made as to where we are going to go. I'd have everything booked if it was up to me; DH doesn't act as quickly as I do when it comes to things like this, unfortunately.

    Anonymous - If you think you're headed to where I am - shoot me an e-mail. It's on this site, somewhere.


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