Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Pageant for Model Maids

No. There isn't going to be a "beauty" pageant for "model maids." Beauty pageants in this part of the world are reserved for camels and goats. " appreciation of the well-mannered housemaids working for Saudi families," the Ministry of Labor is planning a day to honor them. [But what about the ill-mannered maids? They'll be left out...] The idea is that this will reinforce "the principle of honesty among housemaids." [What?!? I guess well-mannered means "honest."]

The Director of Public Relations at the Ministry of Labor, Hatab Al-Anzi, said "the idea emerged from a proposal made by citizens... suggesting that the Kingdom devote a day for model housemaids in order to instill the culture of love and respect in the minds of Saudi families toward their housemaids. ...the gesture would also make housemaids feel that they are dignified, respected and loved by their employers, a matter that would effectively help to change many prevailing attitudes." Yep. Going to make all the difference in the world, isn't it! Another citizen suggested "that mutual respect, standard of performance, good behavior and honesty" should "serve as criteria for selecting the model housemaid." He also suggested "that a valuable gift to [sic] be offered to the model maid and that she be exempted from all household duties on the day as a token of respect and appreciation for the role she plays in the family."

I have a better idea. How about for one day you quit beating your maid, give her a full day off and actually pay her the wages she has worked for? Perhaps something along those lines would work better to change "many prevailing attitudes." Just an idea...

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