Tuesday, January 20, 2009

U.S. Acknowledges Abuse of Maids Rampant

An article on the MSNBC [which, as we all know, is about useless when it comes to reporting "real" or "truthful" news] says "Abuse of foreign maids rampant in Mideast." Really? You are just now picking this up. Nothing like being just a little bit behind. But then MSNBC has been much, much too busy with just about everything going on BUT the news, lately, haven't they! It has been one story and one story only. I refuse to acknowledge it. Not turning the television on today - but to stick in a DVD of Monk when I get on the treadmill later. It is not earth-shattering, it is not going to change anything. Perhaps it will be safe to turn the television on sometime next week. $160,000,000 to $170,000,000 dollars for "hopechange." I cannot possibly be the only one trying to digest exactly how much money that is. Not one word of how "abusive" that is - money being capriciously wasted like that. That amount of money being spent for a party. Shameful, is what it is. Absolutely shameful!


  1. Sabra, didn't you know that Obama is going to save the world? I am sure he will help with the opression of women in the middle east. (tounge in cheek) The cultural relativism of his followers is not only hypocritical, but dangerous. Enjoy Monk!

  2. Something like, $172M for the party.

    WHAT economic crisis???

    Sheer hypocrisy on spreading the wealth....yet this party seems legit. Meanwhile, the poor look on and wonder.

  3. Oh yeah, that's right. Silly me, Econmon. Besides doing all he's got to do in the States he's going to come here and change things - women will be driving starting tomorrow, I bet - and when he's done with all the "hopechange" he's going to help me with my Arabic homework.

    "The cultural relativism of his followers is not only hypocritical, but dangerous." And scary!!!

    Enjoy Monk? You betcha!

  4. Exactly, Steve. "WHAT economic crisis???"

    "Meanwhile, the poor look on and wonder." And in awe that he has been elected to save them. Buffoons. Every single last one of them.

  5. Gad...how anyone can do that with a poor animal....I adore animals and could never imagine seeing them abused in this manner. I thought camels were a proud beast and revered in the ME and Turkey. Guess I was wrong. Wish there were animal rights groups to demolish such events. I don't care tradition or whatever, its barbaric.

  6. I thought the same thing, Marianna68. Apparently what you and I both thought, though, we thought wrong. I have seen more animals abused over here in the Middle East [not just Saudi, but Egypt and Jordan] than I ever saw in the States. And, that, to me, is very telling of a society as a whole...


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