Monday, January 26, 2009

The tile has been delivered.

It was supposed to be delivered last week. Sure, Rev. Sure. Just try getting a straight answer from Mr. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah. That is his answer to anything and everything. I could say, "Rev, if the pool is not repaired by Thursday, February 5th, then I am going to have you deported." He would say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." I said, "Rev, the new tiles are not the same size as the old tiles," and he said, "yeah, yeah, yeah." "Rev, are you going to cut all of the new tiles to the same size of the old tiles?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

"Rev, is it okay with you if I just pound your head back and forth against the patio tile until it is a bloody pulp and so horrifically painful that your great-grandchildren will have headaches?" "Yeah, yeah, yeah." Oh, I wish... The next time he asks for payment I am not going to be left with any choice but to say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah." And then I am going to tell him I'll pay him on the weekend - but I won't specify which weekend.

Today it smells like spring outside! Well, as much as you can possibly get for a "spring" smell, here, anyway. It has been cold. I know, I know. Cold is a relative thing. Cold for us. And although it is still a bit early - only the end of January - it feels like winter might just be over - it probably isn't. The pool needs to be ready for March. It is quite warm enough by then to be sitting outside next to the pool and dangling your feet in it - even if it isn't warm enough to actually be in the pool. I have work to do. In the three or four months that I have not been outside soaking up the glorious rays, I have turned a pasty white color!


  1. Sorry I am laughing at you.......funny though you should say it's cold, as guess what its going to be warm here today, at least 3 oC, mind you with the wind it could bring it down to minus 3 oC, but hey that's still warm!!

    Try and keep warm as I will be thinking of you,

    Gill in freezing CANADA

  2. I had a sweatshirt on with my shorts, today, Gill. It is THAT cold! Okay. Never mind...


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