Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Abused Donkeys

I have seen animal abuse on this side of the world. Jordan is bad; Egypt should get the prize for being the worst. The Sandbox, however, wants to put itself in the game and up its ranking. This is pathetic. Someone needs to beat the men that are beating the donkeys. Make those men afraid of uniforms! [Let me do it!!!] I detest and deplore ANY form of animal abuse - whatever the animal. There is no PETA on this side of the world. Nothing even remotely like an animal protection agency. But, then, even on the other side of the world, PETA is pretty much a useless entity with their only purpose being to suck up public funds and push their propaganda, a far-left political agenda.


  1. PETA headquarters is in Norfolk, VA...right down the road from me. One of the local radio morning shows used to host an Elizabeth River fishing tournament right next to their building. They (PETA) protested every year, usually by dressing up as something, holding signs, chanting and throwing veggies.

    PETA also got busted for euthanizing and dumping dogs and cats they acquired from NC animal shelters under the pretense they would be taken back to Norfolk and adopted out. They were instead, killed and dumped in several 7-11 dumpsters.

    PETA has a higher rate of euthanization than the SPCA. They make almost no attempt to find homes for healthy animals as they feel that owning a pet is cruel and wrong.

    Oh, and lest I forget, despite all their preaching about how the use of animal products is wrong and evil and is the moral equivalent of the of the senior VP's for PETA uses insulin to stay alive. An animal product. Do as I say, not as I do I guess.

  2. Most excellent comment, BBW! I remember reading about the animals going into the dumpsters. Sick. Absolutely disgusting. Like I said. They just want taxpayer dollars and have their own agenda. You've not updated lately, BBW. I've visited a few times...


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