Sunday, January 18, 2009

Underwear Woes

Blah, blah, blah... I started, this morning, a post about women not being allowed to work in lingere shops in Saudi Arabia even though it was directed with some kind of mandate a couple of years ago that "only" women should be allowed to work in this field. After writing some dozen paragraphs because sometimes I can be a tad verbose I realized that today I just couldn't be bothered with some trivial matter like who should and shouldn't be allowed to sell underwear. I don't have to buy any of my under garments here and won't. Not my problem. Surely there are more important issues to be concerned about.

Although, I will say, that when I was trying to do some "research" for my now deleted post, I came across this and this. I think both are really pretty, but the price! Oh my gosh. Perhaps some will find $143.00 for a bra [retail price $238.00] and $66.00 for a thong [retail price $110.00] reasonable, but I find it insane. Oh, sure, La Perla may have some pretty things, but come on. Just not worth that kind of money!

I have Arabic to review before class and I need to do my nails. Priorities.


  1. Hello - I am also a Google Blogger. I found your site when I typed in a google search about "How many men in Saudi Arabia are married to underage girls?" My husband and I had gotten into a "discussion" about how rampant the practice was and I was lloking for some facts. Any ideas? Your story is fascinating. My site is if you are interested. Best of Luck to you!

  2. Econmom - I don't have the statistics. I've done quite a few posts of little girls being married off, typically to men old enough to be their grandfathers! You'll probably have a difficult time finding the actual statistics. Supposedly the practice was going to be curbed, and that a minimum age was going to be required - like 15 - for girls to marry. Then last week a Cleric said, "10 and 12 year old girls are old enough."

  3. There is NO WAY Gill I'd ever spend that much for a bra and pair of panties. For an entire year's worth, maybe, but $143. for a bra is beyond ridiculous!


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