Monday, January 12, 2009

Do you have any idea how foolish this...

...makes you look? No wonder people in other parts of the world just shake their heads and say, "What a strange country." Of course, little articles like this are only just a teeny tiny little part of why they shake their heads in utter bewilderment.

A wedding reception "ended in pandemonium and the divorce of the newly wed couple over a dispute of whether or not there should be musical instruments at the reception. The mothers of both the bride and groom agreed that singers would not play any string instruments." The bride's mother then "secretly paid 8,000SR" [$2,144.72] for "a violin performance." "...the groom's mother exploded with rage and began abusing the bride's mother." After a physical fight, "the still angry mother of the groom ordered her son to pronounce divorce, which he immediately did." [What a wimp! The groom.]

Sure you are upset that you are not married, now. Maybe you're 17 and your chances of finding a husband are dwindling. But trust me, Bride, whoever you are, this is NOT a man that you even wanted to be married to in the first place.

Imagine six months from now, if you were married to him and he complained to his mother that you folded his socks wrong. Never mind. Bad example. Your maid probably folds the socks. Okay. Imagine six months from now, if you were married to him and he complained to his mother that you accidentally showed your face to some of his friends when they were over visiting - because you forgot to put your head-covering on before walking past the opening to the room in your own house. What do you think his mother is going to order him to do then? Beat you senseless. That's what. Two years from now you'd be sitting on the couch all day watching soaps, getting fat, eating bon bons and talking on your mobile, asking your BBF what happened to your life.

Don't worry Bride. Just because now you are divorced and "damaged goods." Another man will come along. So what that he will probably be old enough to be your grandfather and already has three wives. Look at the bright side. You'll be married and not an old spinster.

Ahh. Happy, marital bliss, in The Sandbox...


  1. I think it was a lucky escape for the bride, don't you?



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