Saturday, January 24, 2009


A maid has burned to death in a house fire. How is it that the maid was not able to escape? Accident? It will, no doubt, be so classified.

Why? Because it was the only way to end his suffering. And it is just sad.

Everyone has to have something they are proud of. There is a photo, here of this man's claim to fame.

Big, big trouble for this Eritrean man. If the bottles of Black Label were being sold for 1000SR each - that's $268.09! How much is a bottle of Black Label in the States?

Work accidents are commonplace. This is no OSHA. It is just the risk you take being employed. A Pakistani worker has died while excavating "a sewage" [sic]. A 30-year-old Asian worker fell to his death from the ceiling of a 45-meter-high reservoir onto a concrete surface. The "accidents" causing the death of both of these men - and the slews of others before them - could have been prevented.

This was in the paper a couple of days ago. I just didn't get around to including it somewhere. The article is brief and won't take but a minute to read. I cannot be the ONLY one to see "what is wrong" with it: "Bahrain registered its first fatal accident of the year when a Saudi woman passenger died in a car crash... ...the 26-year-old woman was traveling with a 22-year-old Saudi male... The car was speeding... and lost control." [Okay - two obvious "things" in the brief article. The first being that the "speed" of the vehicle was a contributing factor. That, in and of itself, is not only a contributing factor to the majority of road fatalities, here, but is often the ONLY factor. Rarely - and I do mean, RARELY - mentioned, though.] Here's the final line of the article: "Bahraini residents often complain about the driving habits of motorists from neighboring countries. ...Saudi women, who are barred from driving in their country but obtain driving licenses in Bahrain, are generally safe drivers." Just what does that fact have to do with the fact that a woman died in the passenger seat of a vehicle being driven by a 22-year-old man?!?


  1. Oooh, Sabra, I could have used a warning about the scorpion photo. It just gave me the willies. 8>P Not that other things aren't bad, too, but I suffer from arachnaphobia and scorpions are definitely arachnids. Eew!

  2. So, Miss Sabra - what do you think will happen to the Eritrean scotch lovin' party animal?

    (It's a hard life there in the Sandbox for their workers. It seems like the immigrant workers are treated like they were pretty much disposable. Very sobering.)

  3. So sorry about that, Dawn-Michelle. If I ever do another post that has some little creepy-crawly I'll be sure to post a warning.

  4. The Eritrean probably doesn't even drink the stuff, Dinah. He was bringing it in to sell. I suspect he will be in jail for a very, very long time - and then, as soon as his sentence is up - he will be deported and not allowed to return.

    It is a very hard life for the "workers." Not so much the Westerner's. But very much so for the rest of them. Disposable? Yes!


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