Saturday, October 25, 2008

Absolute Total Shameless Self-Promotion

Today I am celebrating one of many anniversaries of my 29th Birthday.

All together, now... "Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dearest Sabra!!! Happy Birthday to you..."

[P.S. Dearest Son and Only Two-Legged Child of Mine: We have just gotten off the telephone and you forgot to wish your own Mother a Happy Birthday?!? The woman who spent three days painfully laboring to bring YOU into this world??? I better hear that Vonage phone ring again this morning or YOU will NEVER live this down!!!]


  1. Wishing you many more Happy Returns of the Day....

  2. Why, thank you very much, Jupiter!

  3. Ms. Sabra. I too wish you a very Happy 29th Birthday. I've had several of those myself.:-) Anyway best wishes. Hope you had a great day...

    And to the two legged boy child..tsk tsk tsk.

  4. Hope that you had a wonderful birthday. Best wishes for a year filled with new adventures, love & laughter.


  5. A happy, happy birthday, I wish I had known...........I am making a mental note to write this date down for the future.

    By the way you can't be 29 again, as I am always 29, you can be either 28 or 30!!!

    What did dh buy you, hopefully it was nice and shiny and you can wear it/them!!

    Gill in Canada

  6. hope i'm not too late to wish you a happy birthday tho' on your side of the globe it's probably sunday now?
    anyway, hope it was good.

  7. Thanks everybody! Had a nice birthday. Low-key. Did what I wanted to do!

    Next year is a mile-stone "anniversary." I will be in bed, hiding under the covers hoping that it passes quickly...

    [Purple Coach bag, Gill! I will wear it every day!!!]

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SABRA (BELATED) - ahhh...the 29th birthday, eh? Well, I've been celebrating mine for...well, nevermind!

    All the best, dear!

  9. Thanks much, L_O!

    I had no idea so many of us here at my blog were ALL the SAME age!!!

  10. So sorry I missed your birthday!!! Happy belated birthday to you!

    My computer crashed and was down for over a week--otherwise I read your blog daily. Of all the times for it to go down. Hope your day was fun, relaxing, and pleasant.


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