Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Evil Eye & Just One Eye

Interesting article in today's Arab News, "Effects of evil eye exaggerated, says psychiatrist." Yeah. Really. It is absolutely astounding what some people will choose to believe. No different than superstitions, though, like Friday the 13th being bad luck, or breaking a mirror being seven years of bad luck...

This has made the rounds on the internet already. I've seen it at a couple of different sites. No more slits in face veils that show both eyes. You only need one, "just enough to be able to see." I'm not even gonna comment on it...


  1. They can have it all, because it is not a question of moral, ethics, or being a decent human beign...
    Might is right
    an who has not problem to kill an enslave to do so.

  2. I guess the women in Saudi Arabia should be thankful they will have at least one slit to see?

    Then again, since they are not supposed to be out without male escort, why do they need to see at all? Why can't the men lead them around, with the women essentially blindfolded?

    Ah, how far the Islamic world has left us in the West behind in its liberation of women!

  3. I wonder.... if this is the learned opinion of a psychiatrist, what do the uneducated think or do?!! .... frightening! do they still kill the evil twin? like 1300years ago?

  4. I do agree with him on the MIckey Mouse thing though!!


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