Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bet this came as quite a shock!

A man has been sentenced to 50 lashes for smoking on a flight from Dammam to Riyadh. Truly, I bet he thought that nothing would happen to him for doing so. "No smoking" signs, here in the Sandbox, only mean that "it would be very much appreciated if you didn't light up but if you do then that is just fine because absolutely nothing will be done to enforce no smoking." I went to the Mall of Dhahran a week or so ago where there are "no smoking" signs posted all over and yet dozens and dozens of men were walking around with their lit cigarettes without a care in the world that those "no smoking" signs actually meant something. [There are no ashtrays anywhere except for in designated areas - Starbucks, for one - and the men just casually flicked their ashes on the floor and put their cigarettes out under their feet and kept walking. We have a force of a gazillion little guys from other countries that push the brooms around and clean up the cigarette butts. No need to dispose of your cigarette butts or trash in designated receptacles - by all means, just throw it on the floor!] The man deserves whatever punishment he gets if you ask me. The lashes should only be part of it. How about a hefty fine, too? Maybe even some jail time.

Smoking at the mall? No problem. Harass the women at the mall and if you get caught you'll get 75 lashes and 4 months of jail. Perhaps it does seem a bit harsh, but apparently this young man had been given "repeated warnings" for harassing women at the mall and signed a pledge not to do it again. He just wouldn't listen!

Interesting. There has been another fire in a girls' school. Am I the ONLY one to think it is just a bit odd that ONLY the girls' schools are involved in a "recent spate of fires?" Nothing to see here, folks. Move along...

On Sunday I blogged about the 40-year-old woman who had escaped from jail with only five months of her sentence left to serve. She was arrested yesterday after being caught in a "sting operation."


  1. there's more to that last story than meets the eye if you ask me!!


  2. We think they're so far behind us, but what scares me is the idea that we are going in that direction, and perhaps aren't too far behind them.

  3. Personally, Gill, I don't think she ever wants to leave jail. That is the ONLY reason you escape with five months left of a sentence. But, who knows...

  4. YD, I would so like to argue with you and say that you are wrong, wrong, wrong. Unfortunately I have no argument and you may very well be right, right, right! That is a scary thought, indeed!!!


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