Thursday, October 09, 2008


Daily road carnage. I'm not even going to bother with my usual "why don't the authorities do something" spiel. From now on, I am going to look at road carnage, here, as one way of keeping population growth from spiraling out of control. Ten killed. It's a start... Three more, here.

Deadbeat dad's are something I have little tolerance for. Regardless of the fact that you left your wife or divorced her or whatever you did, you had six children with her and you STILL have a responsibility to support them. Hopefully authorities, here, will look into this and throw the schmuck in jail. Or something. A perfect example for forced-castration if there ever was one!

Ten years in jail and 1,500 lashes is a fairly hefty penalty for stealing electric cables, but the man did assault and hand-cuff the guard on duty at the construction site. On the plus side, at least he isn't having a hand chopped off.

An "Arab illegal alien" has been arrested trying to leave the Sandbox, and a 20-year old swimmer was killed "under a boat."

Here's an interesting twist and an update to the blurb I posted the other day about the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice that chased down a couple they believed were in "khulwa." The Commission claims that the "young man arrested... replaced the woman caught with him with his wife in order to avoid punishment." Newsflash! If the man was in fact with another woman who was not his wife, I can pretty much guarantee you that the punishment meted out by his wife is going to be more severe than any punishment the Courts could give him!

A drug peddler has been beheaded executed. I've lost count as to how many we're up to so far this year... A lot.


  1. a least its keeping the courts and newspapers busy reporting all this!!!!!

    Pop over to my blog, you'll love todays post!!


  2. As much as I might make light of some practices here, Gill, I have said repeatedly that the US Court systems could take a few lessons from the court systems, here. There'd be a lot less crime in the States if "we" just stopped coddling criminals.


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