Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm So Excited!

I have very bland and predictable taste. Walls have always been white - with the exception of one wall in our bedroom in the house we had in the states - all of the walls were painted "Plum Black Absence." Doesn't that sound like a beautiful color? What color is it, you might ask. It is the "absence" of color and was basically a shade of "white" - one that would be the same color white as the inside of a fresh mushroom that you'd cut - like the kinds that come in packages in the produce department. The one wall that had color, in the bedroom, was painted a medium lavender. Not a whole lot different than the color I chose to paint the walls of the bedroom at our house, here, in the Sandbox. Everything was white - or a variation of white. White-washed oak floors, white tile, white [oatmeal] carpet.

Even my DH has said to me in the past, "You are so narrow-minded when it comes to decorating." What? That from a man that has never chosen a color of paint in his life - for anything - and instead says, "Okay, Dear. That's fine." Or, "If you like it then I like it." Speak up, DH. I'd be VERY interested to know what color we should paint the bedroom or the living room / dining room or the hallway... [What? Did you say leave it white?!?]

When we moved into this house, from the townhouse - over here - where, once again, everything was white, I had the living room / dining room painted a light taupe. People that walk in don't even realize that I put color on the walls - even though I did - it is that light. And I don't like it. It must be redone. So, I went downtown the other day for some paint samples. They won't do. And I went to the library for books on window treatments. I found the window treatments I want to do - they will be perfect! But I can't get the colors right...

So, even though I think I have impeccable taste [but, of course!], I have difficulty putting it together. I have hired a professional! Someone that knows what she is doing. She came today. Oh My Gosh! Her ideas for my living room / dining room about blew me away. I cannot wait to post before and after photos. I do, however, promise not to use Rev and his crew to do any of the work - Iray - the decorator - has people she likes to use [she gets a kickback or something, I bet] - and I also promise not to bore everyone to tears with a day-to-day update on the progress - or, in the case of the bedroom - lack of progress.

I am so excited about the new plans I cannot believe that I didn't come up with it - the colors I love - actual "color" and not shades of white - and it is going to look absolutely stunningly beautiful. It should be done the last week of October. Oh sure. In Shallah...*

*In Shallah: Arabic for "God Willing"


  1. I am so looking forward to seeing the results.


  2. Oh, Sabra! Yay for you! I, too, am color-challanged. I finally painted our bedroom a light, minty green, and our dining room came in a pretty, warm beige. But everything else is some shade of white. My next project is to paint my boys' room with blue and green (sky and hills). You've got to give us some updates to help keep me motivated! :>)


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