Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Beheadings and Torture and Rape, Oh My!

To the tune of "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!" Same as Locally...

And there is a lot going on, today!!!

Two beheadings yesterday: One in Jeddah and one in Qurayat. A Saudi man for beating his wife to death, and another man "for shooting dead a fellow Saudi." The same article also reports on two women's deaths at the hands of their then-husbands. One woman died after "her husband beat her with a stick." The other died after her husband assaulted her. "She arrived in hospital unconscious and died later after swallowing her tongue." Wife-beating is not uncommon. Apparently the men involved didn't get the memo that defines what is an acceptable beating.

A child rapist has been sentenced to eight years in prison and 2,000 lashes for "kidnapping and raping a juvenile, and filming him with a mobile phone."

Sadness, here. A man has brutally beat his five-year-old daughter to death! The report says that the little girl died "after allegedly being tortured by her father." Allegedly?!? The father is "suffering from psychological problems and he is also a drug addict." Lamest-ass excuses I have ever heard! This father POS won't be "executed" quickly enough, in my humble opinion. As an aside, "Bayan [the little five year old child] and her two siblings, an eight-year-old brother and a nine-year-old sister, lived with their father after he divorced their mother three years ago." Children typically live with their fathers in this part of the world - or at least in the Sandbox, they do - after a divorce. This just boggles the mind...

More on children remaining with their father after he divorces the mother, here. The four daughters this man sired have been prevented from going to school because "the eldest was a failure and the second a pervert who would stain his honor if he allowed her to go out." WHAT?!? Truly baffling!!! The father is currently in jail for "refusing to implement a court verdict which granted his divorced wife the right to see their daughters during the summer break." The woman has not seen her daughters in three years! The uncle - the man's brother - currently has custody of the four girls and he too has "refused to allow them to continue their education." According to the Mom, "the uncle started beating her daughters asking them to tell their mother to waive her complaint against their father so that he would be released from prison." You just can't make this stuff up...

Kudos to this woman who attempted to flee the Sandbox with her three-year-old daughter after leaving her husband. Unfortunately she was not quite successful and is now in jail. Is the daughter going to end up with the father? Most likely. But the article doesn't say...

Here is an article about a Sri Lankan maid that is laying comatose in a hospital. Supposedly, there "was a small fire in the house and the woman, who was working in the kitchen at the time, had inhaled smoke." Sure. It could have happened that way, but I have doubts... "Nurses present at the time of her admission ... said though the woman was in an almost vegetative state, she used to scream when hearing her employer's voice. This raised suspicion that the employer might have been responsible for his maid's condition." Ya think?!?

A few more little "blurbs" about the goings on in the Sandbox... 36 illegal maids have been arrested. Drug smuggling attempt foiled; and a couple HIV-positive cases have been detected. Finally, a father has killed his 20-year-old son in a "fit of rage." He [the son] had "been mixing with bad company and refused to stay away from them." The son won't be mixing with bad company any more. The father shot him.


  1. When we were in India , we always thought that harsh punishments will act as an deterrent for poeple to indulge in criminal activities...

    NOw i dont think so...but as you mentioned in one of your previous post, justice system is very fast and efficient..

  2. Such a sad, morbid post Sabra. Just so damn sad.

  3. There are statistics, Jupiter, out there [I'm too lazy to go searching right now] that sway the argument both ways - arguments that say punishment, to this degree, is a deterrent and arguments that say it isn't.

  4. Yeah, L_O, nothing says "beautiful sunny day" like beheadings and daughters being tortured. Go read my post about the backyard flowers, L_O - or take another gander at the camels... Both are much, much more cheerful!!!

  5. All that is just plain disgusting...the human animals that roam the earth are the scariest things out there.

    btw Im jealous of ur ability to link link link...Im still trying to figure it out...managed it in one post...and now cant seem to do it again...ugh...Im so lame.

  6. I must admit, its pretty dismal must post a cheerful post tomorrow, I am getting depressed!!!!

    The newspapers, have to do the odd happy story don't they?


  7. Please leave the animals out of it, Coolreds. They have nothing to do with how humans treat other humans... "Scariest things out there." You got that right!

    Use this code to do links - it took me a while to get the hang of it - and it probably took me a year to get it right:


    There are some great sites out there to help you. I learned through trial and error. Lots and lots of trials and many more errors!

  8. Never mind, Coolreds. It worked, but it didn't work like I wanted it to. Sorry.

  9. Sometimes they have one or two about weddings or whatnot, Gill. But this place is like any other - bad news sells papers. I did try to accommodate you, though, and didn't make today's posting too awfully "dismal." And, now, back to celery recipes!

  10. I have to say chosing between looking at my celery recipes and reading about the beheading etc......personally there isn't a up side to either.

    I was gagging reading those recipes, as I detest celery!!!

    Oh well, the things we all have to do in our blogging world!!



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