Monday, October 06, 2008

Hit By A Truck!

Yesterday was a wasted day. Totally and completely. I could barely move. For a while I considered a trip to the clinic to get an x-ray of my right arm/shoulder to make sure I didn't break anything. I could barely lift my right arm - with the pain mostly radiating from my shoulder. DH had to help me just to put a shirt on. I couldn't do it - couldn't make that total arm movement to do it. My left thigh, although it shows no evidence of being "injured" with bruises or scrapes, was just sore. Tender to even touch. And the black and blue on my right hip? Honestly, I do not think I have EVER had such a large bruise in my life! It is quite colorful! My entire "abdomen" area felt as though I had done a record number of "crunches" the day before - and I've never done a "crunch" in my life... I could not allow my right arm/elbow to touch anything - nothing - not the sleeve of my bathrobe, not the arm of the couch - nothing! Lots of rest yesterday, Aleve, Neosporin... and whining. I think when you take a "Mother-Fall" like I took, and feel as though you got hit by a truck then you are allowed to whine.

I am so glad I got the freezer
cleaned out last week to take care of the forty-plus cartons of Kool Super Longs that came in our shipment:

I cleaned off the shelves to make room for the canned crab meat and canned potatoes [and the Reeses' Peanut Butter]:

Treats for the Kids got put away:

Shampoo, conditioner, suntan lotion / oil and moisturizer, were all neatly put in their places:

The Tide liquid detergent takes up an entire shelf:

And I cleaned out the kitchen pantry closet to make room for the Kids' food from The Honest Kitchen:

I never could have done ANY of those things yesterday. As a matter of fact, I didn't do anything worthwhile yesterday but lay around and nurse my wounds. My Kids were not quite as understanding as I had hoped they would be... Oh, no. They didn't understand at all. All morning The Baby raced back and forth from wherever I was to her leash as if to say, "Did you forget that we go for a walk in the morning?" "Are we going for our walk, now?" "Here's my leash!" After several such "gentle" reminders that that is a part of our daily routine, DH said, "What? You didn't do enough damage to Mommy yesterday, and you want to finish her off today?"

Newsflash for my two absolutely adorable four-legged Kids: There will be no walk, today, either! We will have Nuffie come over to play in the back yard, though, and that will allow them all to burn off some of their energy. I'll try to get pictures...


  1. OOOOOHHHHH bath and body works :(

  2. Bad enough we have to use salt water to wash our hands with, 3anooda. May as well make it more pleasant with Warm Vanilla soap!

  3. Very well, i am digging out the dusty box of sympathy from the basement and sending three units. One is for the kids; save one for next week when the thigh-bruise starts showing. I appologise for my tardiness, ma'am. Be blessed.

  4. Ahhh, Vermindust, that's SOOO sweet! Hey, I thanked you for the "advice" to get up and get back out there... Sorry I couldn't follow through with the diluted bleach idea though.

  5. You have been a busy been.......I am also a Bath and Body Works convert.

    Hope you're feeling better?


  6. That was last week, Gill, before I "injured" myself. Who doesn't like B&BW? And, believe it or not, it was DH that said, "I really like the soap in the bathroom." When your DH notices soap, you continue to buy it!

    Feeling much better today, thanks!!!

  7. I feel your pain, a bit. My foot was ran over by a car, and i had a crack in my growth plate. I'm lucky that that's all that happened, it could of been worse. Oh and here's a tip, if you broke a bone in you body, and you decide to take some ibuprofen, don't. It slows down the healing.

  8. Good to know about the ibuprofen, Dalton J - that is what they give out for pain killers, here. Thanks. But I can buy those over the counter.


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