Tuesday, October 07, 2008


Yep, now that Ramadan and Eid are over, things are back to "normal" in the Sandbox...

A little story about how the "US may be losing its luster on the world's stage," here. Guess you have to have something to grab reader's attention with, but I'm pretty sure that the US isn't losing its luster and just because some woman is changing her name from America to "something else" doesn't make it so...

The announcement that a lawsuit is going to be filed didn't take long. I didn't even know we had 1-800-IAM-HURT law firms, here. On Sunday a fan fell on top of two men while they were stopped at Customs on the Causeway. It was reported in the paper yesterday [?]. Today, it is reported that the "Families of the two Saudis who were injured in an accident... were planning to sue the causeway authority for negligence." I'm not going to make light of the fact that two people were fairly seriously injured during a Customs inspection, but I do question the necessity of why the Customs inspection has to be such a horrendous procedure for everyone involved. And, what could you possibly want to smuggle "into" Bahrain, anyway??? Crossing the Causeway has become a living nightmare... and I so want to go there this week to go to the new mall. Note to self: stay in the car!

Just as the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice was starting to try to clear its name and reputation it makes the news, again. They have done it again. They went and chased a couple down in a vehicle, and accused them of not being married. The couple insists that they are married, but a member of the Commission told them that even if the couple brings their entire family in to verify that they are, indeed, duly wed, he will refuse to believe it. My goodness. And, we ALL know that you can't have khulwa* happening!!!
Read the article. It is comical. And, something like this can only happen here! E-Gads!

Saudi Border guards have arrested an unknown number of suspects. Not only do they not know how many suspects they have arrested, but they do not know their suspects nationality, either. The unknown number of suspects with the unknown nationalities had "about one million pills of Captagon."

I was under the impression that fireworks are illegal in the Sandbox. Whether they are or aren't... The King Khaled Specialist Eye Hospital dealt with more than 20 cases of injury caused by fireworks during the Eid holidays, most involving children "around 10 years old." The Red Crescent was very busy over the Eid holidays, as well, reporting that the charity dealt with 856 cases of which 33 were caused by fireworks... There was lots and lots of road carnage with 254 accidents. Oh, and quite a few fights - 103.

The cost of obtaining domestic help is going up. Nothing about the maid's being paid more, just the recruiters. And, it is definitely the maids who deserve the increased pay, NOT the recruiters!

*khulwa: illegal state of seclusion between a man and an unrelated woman


  1. I love reading this part of your blog... you let everything glide together to perfectly... no need to go to the arabnews website and read what's happening.. lol (even though its the first website I go to when I wake up.. lol)

    As for the causeway accident.. my uncle was killed on the causeway and it was due to customs negligence.. my family never really thought of suing though... It was 5 years ago.. May his Soul rest in Peace :(

  2. Why thank you, LIR. Compliments are always nice to receive!

    I am sorry about your Uncle.

    Might I ask what Customs negligence was? Only out of curiosity. I've seen those massive fans that hang over-head in the customs bays. They could do a whole lot more than leave a headache, that's for sure!

  3. I keep losing my replies!!! (4th time in a row- and perhaps the 8th time in 2 days!)

    It was Dec 24th and my uncle was returning to Saudi. What happened on the causeway was that a truck was denied entry into Saudi Arabia, and instead of allowing him to do a U-turn to get back in to Bahrain, the forced him (stupidly) to simply back-up onto the in coming traffic... my uncles friend that was driving the car didn't see the truck actually backing up till it was too late, and they hit the truck (or did the truck hit them)... killing my uncle on impact. Obviously everyone was pointing fingers at each other shying away from actually accepting the blame, and instead of arresting the right people, they arrested the driver of my uncles car, and forced him to pay the blood money. I wish they did a better investigation.

  4. Oh my gosh, LIR. How horrific! I am so sorry.

    Your point is well made however about "accepting blame." Does IT ever happen, here? That your Uncle's driver was arrested and forced to pay the blood money, doesn't come as a surprise to me. It should. But it doesn't.


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