Thursday, October 23, 2008

Think Happy Thoughts

Yesterday's post on beheadings and torture and rape was "dismal." Yeah. Guess it kinda sorta was. Today? Only "happy" things. Warm and fuzzy... Nah. If you are wanting warm and fuzzy, this probably is not the blog to be visiting.

There is some good news, though. Layla, the young teenager who was "allegedly" beaten and tortured by her father, is no longer in a coma. She is awake and talking. I am sure I am not the only one who didn't give her those odds. Why hasn't her father been thrown in jail?!? Why isn't someone torturing that POS??? "The case is still being investigated and the father has confessed that he is the one responsible for his daughter's injuries." What is left to investigate? Layla was in such a state that her kidneys had stopped functioning, she had gangrene in her legs and her wounds and scars, which are still healing, may require plastic and reconstructive surgery. Layla, I hope for your sake, that someone sees to it that you never, ever have to go back and live with that waste of humanity who called himself your father!

Another beheading. There were four or five last week. This makes three so far this week.

Waste of time. Must make someone feel better though, and appeases the "powers that be" that something is being done about keeping the population controlled the daily road carnage. I had a great driver the other day when I went downtown. He has been here, driving, for twenty-eight years. Twenty-eight years!!! He spoke almost flawless English. We had an interesting conversation. One of the things he said was that the traffic laws were "rules for expats only, not Saudis." He is right on the money with that statement. The authorities can implement all the rules they want, but nothing - absolutely NOTHING - is going to improve the situation until the traffic police or criminal police or whatever police are in charge start actually stopping and punishing ALL violators of the traffic laws - not just the expats!

That is as warm and fuzzy and "happy" as I can be this morning. Yeah. Pretty lame.

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