Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Raining!

At a little after three o'clock this afternoon the sky turned very dark. It looked more like 5:30 than three o'clock. An hour ago it started to gently rain. Big drops, but more like the sprinkle of a shower than rain storm. Either way, IT'S RAINING!

Yes. Here, that IS something to get excited about. The rain washes off all the gray and tan and dirt and makes everything look "new" and green again.

Our first rain of the season - which is actually rather early for us - but it IS RAINING!!!


  1. Send some to us here in Dubai too :-D

  2. Would if I could, Dubai Guy. It lasted all of three or four minutes. Barely enough to make the patio and furniture wet and slick. Poof. Gone. All done.

  3. We got the big work up...dark promising breeze...then nada...what a tease this bahraini weather!

  4. it rained here as well........

    I could send you some if you want?

    Gill in Canda

  5. Like I said, Coolreds, it was over so quickly that if you blinked you missed it! I was so hoping for a slow gentle rain that would make everything clean... Perhaps next month - or December, even.

  6. If you could send it our way, Gill, we'd happily take it!

  7. Aaaah... must have been that storm brewing in the Indian Ocean that brought it your way. We got nothin' but breeze here. But, it's refreshing nonetheless.

  8. It was nothing to get excited over, L_O. It rained for all of three minutes. Got the patio and furniture wet - and the truck - just enough to make everything look four times dirtier than it was to begin with!

    This afternoon I heard thunder cracking - several times - it got dark, again, like yesterday, and then nothing. No rain.

    I wonder if "they" are seeding the clouds???


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