Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Baby Poop

Paint is a difficult thing, here. I mean, really, really difficult. Home Depot has NO idea of the market they are missing out on by NOT being here in the Sandbox. The new color for the hall, DH's bathroom, and the kitchen is the most hideous tan I could possibly have chosen. Thank goodness I try paint before making my decision. It is ugly, ugly, ugly! It has the appeal of a filled baby's diaper. It is that bad. So now, I need to go back downtown to try again. There have got to be some two dozen quart sized cans of paint on the shelf in the garage because I can't get it right. Between painting the living room / dining room, originally, then the bedroom, and now the hall, kitchen and DH's bathroom - and, of course, the living room / dining room, again... I am not going to Jotun's anymore. There is a paint store next to Jotun's and they are at least willing to try to mix colors for me that are not on the actual color charts. Tomorrow morning... I need three colors. Pain in the ass it what it is.

I can't find the fabric I want for the drapes. I have spent three mornings racing through fabric stores and upholstery stores [in Dammam there are many!] trying to find what I want. I was in and out of no less than thirty stores yesterday morning in a two and a half hour period. Probably closer to forty stores... Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of NICE choices out there - along with many that I cannot imagine someone ever picking out - but, then, to each his own. Unfortunately, there is very little by way of "contemporary" in this part of the world. Lots and lots of "foo-foo," though. Brocades, velvets... Rich burgundies and navies. Gold. But no black and cream... I will have to find it in the States and that means that the living room / dining room redo project won't be finished until the Holidays. How I ever thought I'd be able to have it done by the last week in October is beyond me. What was I thinking?!? I feel like I spend half my weekly mornings at the paint store. Oh. Wait. I do!

So much easier to shop on-line for everything. Unfortunately I can't shop for paint that way... This rug could work fabulously! Horchow does ship internationally. I'm still kind of going back and forth on it, and may go with something just a little more neutral. But, doesn't it say "WOW!"? We'll see. Thank goodness I do not have a full-time job that requires me to be at an office for eight hours every day. My two-mornings a week volunteer work is plenty, thank you. And, of course, the hours I spend outside working on my tan... Tanning does not cut into shopping for paint and drapery fabric time at this point - nothing is open in the afternoon, here. Compound that with the fact that I can't just drive myself downtown... Is it any wonder that getting anything done takes forever in this part of the world? No. It is not...


  1. that's the very dramatic rug.....are you getting it in that colour?


  2. God Bless you for this website. I have officially given up shopping for anything for my house over here. We freaking bought 2...yes 2 dining room tables from id design. Paid in full, they never came...a month went by...we called, we went there....in the end - the damn tables were out of stock. wtf!

    I can't take it anymore. Even though shipping will be atrocious, I'm sure it'll come out to be the same price as what we pay here. Freaking incredible. Sorry for the rant.

  3. If I go with that rug, Gill, I am getting it in that color! If I could find purple and red - that'd be my first choice. But the one from Horchow could work...

  4. L_O, as much as I luv the store, ID Design, I won't shop there any more for the exact SAME reason. The table I wanted for the kitchen - small, round, tall, glass top - they promised me they had it at their warehouse and if I left our deposit they'd bring it over to the showroom. I took a cab all the way to Bahrain to get it - and don't you know, "Sorry Madam. No table. Out of stock." Thankfully I got my deposit back. They called me to tell me that they were delivering it to the showroom on a Monday night - I went over Tuesday morning - when I got there they told me they didn't have my phone number so couldn't call me to tell me they didn't have it. BS! You called me to tell me YOU DID have it. No more shopping at ID Design, for me. No matter how badly I might want something or how much I might just "luv" it. All done with them.

    You go ahead and rant here anytime you want, L_O!!!


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