Thursday, October 02, 2008


Another woman has been caught driving. She stole her brother's car, picked up a friend, went joy-riding and crashed the car into a stream. She may have been unlicensed and "not allowed to drive," but at least she didn't kill someone! How many other unlicensed fifteen year-old drivers are out on the roads? Probably more than we'd care to know about. The only time someone gets a traffic ticket or stopped is when there is an accident. Road carnage will continue unabated...

There is plenty of "blame" to go around, here. The eight-year-old child probably shouldn't have been playing where he was playing [parental supervision?], but the lack of safety consciousness at construction sites, here, isn't a surprise...

Not to make light of this, because I do not advocate domestic violence in any way, shape or form, but this man apparently didn't read the "chapter" on how to properly beat his wife...


  1. I still don't understand why women can't drive???? Does is say so in the Quran (not sure of the spelling, sorry)?


  2. Gill, it is "society" here that forbids women to drive. There is nothing in any law that says we can't. Go figure... I can't tell you for sure whether the Koran says they can or not as I have never read it. I may try to read it this winter just to satisfy my own curiosity.

  3. Saw that story in Gulf News and laughed - they said "several women are killed every year whilst driving" as if that proved that women were a danger on the roads and justification enough for the ban. What about the thousands of men killed every year? Maybe if they banned men from driving the roads would be much safer!

    Gill, of course it says in the Koran that women are banned from driving, no idea which chapter but its clearly in there somewhere.... I think....

  4. Oh My Gosh, Rose I so agree with you about the banning of men! Let's see HOW MUCH SAFER the roads would become then!!! Didn't I post on the proposed EU ban of men driving until women were allowed to drive in SA, on this blog, eons ago? I think so.

    As far as the Koran - as I said - I've not read it. But I was under the impression that there really wasn't something specific as to that issue in it??? We need to find a scholar on the issue. [Is Ahmed at Saudi Jeans back yet, I wonder?]


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