Monday, October 20, 2008

Beautiful Fall Morning

The temperature is dropping. Seriously. It is cool enough outside to require a sweatshirt in the morning. It was 79° when I was out at 6:30!

The flowering bushes and vines in the back yard are luvin' it! The jacquemontia is in full bloom [I think the mealy bugs are under control at this point]:

The bougainvillea is finally taking off:

And the camel's foot, which was planted directly in the dirt with cuttings from another plant [don't think that I didn't shake my head in utter disbelief that anything would ever grow like that - but it did!], is going absolutely wild at this point:

We need to put up a trellis - or string - or wire - or something - to get the vines to start climbing and covering the walls like they are supposed to.


  1. Im jealous...the green you showed in just those pictures is more than Ive seen in a week. All of Bahrains green is confined to the occasional park...roundabout...and of course...all the best foreign compounds and numerous palaces. This from a girl who grew up with the Rocky Mountains for a backyard....I miss greeeeeeen! poor me.

  2. It is all very falsely green, Coolreds! Lots and lots of salt water, six days a week... If we didn't have such a great gardener - and didn't water, constantly, then it would be dirty, gray and tan.

  3. oh please............LOL We have finally put the heating on as it is frosty in a morning.

    I do like your photos though!!!


  4. The flowering vine looks like my morning glory. Is it? I enjoy your rambles from the "Sandlot." Enjoy your week. Good luck on the re-model.


  5. Ah-hem... I didn't think I was going to get a whole lot of sympathy from you, Gill!

    They are "camel foot," Amira. It is pretty much a "wild flower" here. And once it take off - whoosh - it just keeps growing and growing and growing!

    Aright, Keith, next photos, just for you, sand...

  6. Be careful with that morning glory/camel's foot/whatever! It will take over your world very soon - I'm pretty sure it grows as fast as you can prune it lol!! It is very pretty though! And you can eat the shoots in salads and stir fries apparently.

  7. It is taking over, Rose. I've got to get the gardener to find someway to make crawl up the wall... By next year, we won't be able to see the cement blocks. I hope. Had no idea it was partly edible! Ya' learn something new every day.

  8. We just stuck some nails in the wall and strung garden twine between them and then tucked the ends of the plant round them. It was over the wall and into the neighbour's garden in no time!

    Eventually I got fed up with spending every day hacking it back so we pulled it all out - got a tap root about the thickness of my wrist!!! Anyway, a freind had a p[atch of sand that nothing would grow on so we gave her the taproot - about a month later her whole garden was covered!! That stuff is related to triffid!!

    We've now got jasmine in the same place, which still grows like crazy but also smells nice.

  9. Appuk is bring wire and nails to string it up tomorrow, Rose. I've got to get my hands on some Jasmine! That would be lovely out back and if it is fragrant - oh, how wonderful!!!


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