Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nothing Going On

Nope. Absolutely NOTHING exciting happening, here. It is the weekend. I have things I want to do and need to do but there is no way I'm going downtown to take care of doing them. Friday morning - tomorrow - would be the perfect day to go downtown and get pictures. Friday mornings are quiet! No one on the streets. If I can get a driver I may try to do that - go down to get pictures. Tonight, Thursday, is the equivalent of a Saturday night anywhere else in the world - except, of course, for the Middle East. Most parts of the Middle East have adopted Friday and Saturday as their weekend. Saudi Arabia is the last hold out and doesn't want to keep pace with the rest of the world [hmmph! imagine that!] and move their weekend. Somehow that would be adopting a practice of the West, and anything of the kind is met with much resistance.

DH just returned from London. He travels all over the world. Although that is coming to an end, and he will only be flying in Saudi Arabia beginning next month. He is looking forward to being home every night and not being gone a week or ten days at a time. I'm not looking forward to it because it will mean that I will have to make dinner every night. I guess I can deal with that though. Honestly, there are times when I just wish we could go out to eat. And, we could. But I refuse. There is NO point, whatsoever, in my mind in going out when I am forced to wear a black garbage bag to go somewhere to eat. Nope. Just not doing it. And, there is even less point in going out to eat when you could go to a fabulous Italian restaurant [and we do have them!] but cannot order a glass of wine with dinner. I'll stay home.

When DH got his suitcase out last week, it was sitting on the study floor, open, waiting to be packed. DH was sitting at the computer. The Baby walked into the study, sniffed his suitcase and circled it. [The Kids get very, very antsy when the suitcases come out.] And, then she coughed and tried to "throw up" into DH's suitcase. DH said she did it purposely. She wasn't doing the gagging, choking thing that four-legged Kids do before they are going to get sick. Nope. She just let it go - and NOT a real, "I don't feel well" episode, either. I got a big kick out of it. DH, not so much. Guess you had to be there. DH thinks she did it out of spite that since the suitcase [his] was out, that would mean we must be going somewhere and she wanted to show her displeasure in the situation. You'd think she'd be used to it at this point. DH has been traveling for his job the entire time she has been here since I brought her over here as a puppy two and a half years ago. Just because he is leaving doesn't mean I am leaving, too. Both Kids get very, very upset about me leaving...

Saturday starts a new week here, and I will go to Dammam with my decorator to get fabric for the living / dining room window treatments. And paint. Lots of paint. The house is going to be a completely different house by the end of October. Something to look forward to!

I'll try to get my post finished about the volunteer work I am doing here, up tomorrow.


  1. Here in oman too the week end is on thu and friday..banks have changed to fri and sat..dont know when others will follow...

  2. Heh, we have a cat that inevitably uses a suitcase as a litter box if we accidentally leave one open when we're getting ready to leave for a trip. Never does it after we return...

  3. I thought just about every other country in the ME had switched, Jupiter, to Friday and Saturday. Kuwait has, Bahrain... I remember it being a big deal in the papers two years ago and SA said, "We will NEVER switch." Part of the whole point was to keep up with the entire rest of the world's banking market. Kind of screwy having banks do Fri & Sat and the rest of the country doing Thu & Fri, though...

  4. Alice - The Baby has NEVER done that before! DH insists she did it out of spite. Moral of the story - for your Cat, our "Kid," is keep the suitcase shut at all times!


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