Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick Favor for a Blogging Friend

A blogger, who has become a friend of mine, has just installed Sitemeter at her place. Gill [pronounced like "Jill"] blogs out of Canada and has a large Canadian following. She's all excited about her Sitemeter showing statistics and all that, but she's mostly excited about dots on the "World Map" and would like to have some visitors show up from other countries. If you are so inclined and are looking for recipes on how to use celery or Brussels sprouts stop by and read what she has to say. And, even if you are not so inclined or looking for veggie recipes - she posts on other things as well - if you get a second, just click here and perhaps she'll find a few dots on her "World Map" that are from places outside of Canada. In her own words, "I know little things amuse little minds..." Hey. Whatever it takes... I'm sure she'll be appreciative of any and all dots!


  1. you are such a sweetie, I really appreciate this.............I tell you it doesn't take a lot to keep me happy...LOL


  2. hi:
    i found you thru gill's blog. i'm a fellow canadian ex-pat from the uk not too far from gill, tho' we haven't met *(YET)
    anyway, interesting to find you as i have a very good friend who lives and works in saudi so i'm going to send her a link to your blog. i'm sure she'd be interested.
    she never reads mine ha ha
    i am going to catch up on your blog it's fascinating.
    i also have a brother that lives in dubai. thought i'd mention that too.

  3. Clippy - Where in Saudi is your friend? Eastern Province, Riyadh, Jeddah? Have you been to Dubai to visit your brother? I haven't been for a few years - but the time I have spent there I have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed. Have the opportunity to go this week but probably won't. Didn't get a sitter and it just seems like a lot of work to go for three days... We'll see. I can make up my mind tomorrow or the next day...

  4. hi again:
    my friend works for saudi aramco and i think she's in or near dahrain (?) not far from bahrain right? not positive on that one; geography is my weak subject and i've not been, i've sent your blog link to her. my husband worked in riyadh many moons ago too.
    no i haven't been to dubai as yet. maybe one of these days.
    nice to meet you
    pat :-)

  5. If your friend goes through my archives, Clippy, she'll recognize a lot of the pictures!

  6. Wow love "Gill's" blog. I'm a big fan of food :-), and she has some great food stuff over there.


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